Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So I'll just go in order of things that have happened.

DH and I went to bed at 8pm last night and it was GLORIOUS! Don't think my brain or body knew what to do so I did keep waking up last night, but thankfully got back to sleep quick too. So nice to wake up feeling rested lol.

Appointment was at 7:30 this morning.
Got to see baby again and he/she looks great. Looked to be asleep b/c not moving much, but heart was visible and looked nice and healthy :)
Baby was weighing in at 1lb 14oz already! So crazy. Asked about how big the baby could be if it continued to grow at this pace and the tech said about 8lbs or so. Not too bad really. Just gotta make sure my sugars are under control so baby doesn't get too big.
My weight has gone crazy though. Up to frickin 224lbs! YIKES. I've gained about 13-14lbs so far. Holy fat rolls Batman!
Drank the orange drink and it's really not that bad. I dunno why women try to make it sound worse than it is. Is it sweet? Yes, of course.. but it doesn't taste bad. Just tastes like someone put in a little too much koolaid.
Should know results within a couple of days.

Talked to doc and asked about getting tubes tied and she explained what they do etc. Kind of sad that it's going to happen. I dunno if 3 would be the magic number if we were younger.. and richer lol, but it definitely is now. Still sad, but also ready for it too. I dunno... a part of me would love to keep popping out babies b/c it's just such an experience... but then the sane part of me mentally slaps that other part and calls it a crazy bitch :P lol

Had to stop by the store afterwards to pick DH up some anti-diarrhea meds and gatorade. Poor guy has had it for 2 days now. He thinks it's b/c of the antibiotic he took killing all the good bacteria and a bad one has taken up residence. Of course this would happen when he has to go out of town for a couple of days for work. Hopefully the meds help to calm his gut some. Going to be embarrassing if it doesn't b/c he's having to share a room w/ someone.

And finally... my mom called and apparently she got in to a wreck. Sounded like she rear-ended someone pretty hard. Sounded like she hit her chest in to the steering wheel. She always wears her seatbelt so hopefully it's not too bad and hope she goes to the doctor to get checked out. She said she was going to wait until tomorrow, but she really needs to go today and I will insist on it.
She needs to borrow one of our cars. Good thing we have some extras. Could've given her back the terrain but DH drove it to work, so she'll have to take the mazda.
Just glad she or the other driver weren't seriously hurt though.

And that's been my morning so far! o_O


And there goes the car. Yep.. she rear-ended someone. Sounds like she had a brain fart moment and hit the gas instead of the brakes and slammed in to the person. Kept telling her to stop being stubborn and just go to the doctor but noooooo... sigh.
She better end up going. I'm sure she's fine and it's probably just some bruising, but better to get it looked at.
Kind of afraid for the car now though. My mom isn't exactly the best driver in the world. She's not terrible, but also... not great either. Just....... yeah.......she doesn't help the bad Asian driver stereotype sometimes.
It's just a car though. Just want to make sure she's ok.

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