Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thanks a lot DH...

So last night ended with a bad surprise.
Getting ready to go to bed... go to take an antacid and oh look.... DH took them all!!!!
There was another bottle, BUT he didn't bother actually looking in it b/c if he had, he would've seen that it had other meds in it (tylenol and ibuprofin from a trip we took).
Thankfully reflux wasn't too bad last night, but I did have to mostly stay on my left side. Sleeping on my right seems to let the bile creep up to my throat easier.
Still though... grrrr

Went to Wally World this morning to get some more. Can't have another night of possible reflux lol.       

Not sure what's going on with Oren but he woke up 3 or 4 times last night. He did go back to sleep, but still not sure why he woke to begin with. I'd wake up to hear him either slightly fussing some or babbling to himself.

Zoe went right to sleep though and slept through the night as usual. Man... she really didn't prepare us for the hard stuff LOL. She was and is such an easy child most of the time.
Not that Oren is horrible or anything.

I still slept pretty well though. I did wake a lot b/c I was a bit paranoid and paranoid about the reflux too, but still managed to sleep well. Now to just fast forward today so I can sleep some more.... sleep..... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I neeeeeeeeeds it!

Also bought a few other things from Walmart. I would've bought more but controlled myself. Zoe is on this big Spiderman kick. Whenever she sees him.. she says "Look! It's me!" rofl. She's Spiderman and Oren is Batman :P
It's so darn cute and funny. I had to get her a couple of Spidey things at the store.
She's also saying things are "So cool!" or "Awesome!" rofl.... it's just such a trip hearing her saying those things.
Love my girl so much and yes.. I spoil her every chance I get. I'll do it for Oren and this LO too when they're a little older :)

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