Friday, April 29, 2016

And that happened...

So we have to keep the babygate to our room closed all the time when Oren is up. He loves going in there and LOVES going on to the bed via the pet steps.
So I was a little distracted yesterday and didn't realize that Zoe had left the gate opened and both of them were playing on the bed.
I go in there and as soon as the bed comes in to view.. all I see is a blur of movement falling first on to DH's nightstand and then rolling off with a plunk on to the floor.
Seriously... just a blur.
Yeah.. the boy fell off our bed.
Thankfully the nightstand did prevent him from falling straight off b/c our bed is pretty high.
He started fussing a little, but not really crying.
The boy just loves going up on the bed though. He loves all the pillows and plopping and rolling all over them lol.

UGH, I forgot to call my mom yesterday!
I'm such a bad daughter. Sigh!!
I did call when I finally did remember, but no answer since I'm sure she was at work. Will remember to call today though.

Oren is on this weirdly cute kick of sitting on the stepper and rocking back and forth while playing with something and babbling the whole time. It's so cute! Not sure why he started doing it but who cares.. it's adorable  and looks to make him happy lol.

The boy's poops need to solidify again though. His poor butt is all red and sore once again b/c he's been having gross poops 3x a day and all the wiping is irritating his skin. Poor little booty.
Thank goodness Zoe doesn't have that problem anymore.
But now we're going to have 2 in diapers and I'm sure this LO will have the same problem too. SIGH!

Yep... living room is already a disaster area. Pizza sauce stains everywhere. ANOTHER puke spot.... ugh. We're definitely getting our money's worth out of the expensive carpet cleaner we bought.

Can't wait for DH to get home today. Won't be until late but whatever. Momma just needs a small break.
I need to get the letters for SiL finished and looking how I want. Need to clean the living room and other rooms once again.
Just need to have a moment to myself and sleep in.
I did manage to read a little bit before bed last night but I was feeling SO bloated and uncomfortable that I couldn't really relax, so that sucked.
Just want to sleep in though..... even if it's just 30min- an hour.

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