Monday, April 25, 2016


Oren has learned how to climb down from my lap.. and sometimes from the slide too. He also likes climbing up on to Zoe's little desk. But that's only if he has a step up to help him.
Thank goodness he has short little legs or else he would be able to do it from the floor lol.
He's also saying 'No' now. He likes repeating it when we tell him No. It's so darn cute!! He definitely knows what it means.
According to MiL and aunt, Oren actually took some steps on Saturday before we picked them up. YAY little dude :D

His rash still looks terrible. Not expecting it to go away in a night or anything, just wish it would go away. The marks are bright red and angry looking. But they still don't appear to be bothering him at all.
Zoe hasn't gotten any worse either.
It's just all a waiting game and hoping this passes quick.

It's funny... normal week.. we don't go anywhere anyway... but now that we shouldn't go anywhere.. I want to rofl. What's up with that?

Zoe still tries to delay her night night time... every single night. It could be worse, but what she does is still annoying.
And she's starting to get all defiant and argumentative when I ask her to pick up after herself now too. /cry
I want my good little helper back! She's still a good helper sometimes... but it's slowly going. I just want her to learn how to clean up after herself. Mommy or daddy isn't going to do it for her all the time.

SiL was supposed to come over this coming weekend to redo her hair. Kind of glad that I have to cancel on her now.
Found out from MiL (who found out from my niece) that they have bed bugs.

I think it's a bit disturbing that they didn't realize they had them before. The last trip they went on was to ComicCon which I'm sure is where they picked the bugs up.. so they've had the problem for at least a year.
It's not too surprising though b/c their house is filthy and I know they don't treat their pets for fleas. They probably thought the bug bites were from fleas or something.
I remember SiL mentioning that one of her girls was getting bitten up by something a while ago but they didn't know what b/c their room was filthy.
Uh... maybe that should've been a nonsubtle hint to clean it the hell up.
Her girls are old enough to know better.
This is why I'm on Zoe to pick up after herself... or when I clean up her room, she is right there with me picking up too.

I know I shit talk about my brother and his family a lot. I love them to pieces and know they could do so much better, but they don't and it's infuriating.  They can do their own thing, but damn... be some good role models for your kids. Not perfect... just good.

In other news... my plants are doing so much better now that I can leave them outside. YAY!
BUT that means the weather is getting warmer which BLOWS. Our power bill has been nice and low, but with the temps increasing.. that's going to change very soon. Heck, there are 2 days in a row coming up where it's going to get to 90!! Nooooooooooooooooo
One of the downfalls of living in the south.
Anyway... hopefully the plants start to grow nice and big now so we can finally start getting some food already from them. Really need to buy some more tomato cages though. Think all of the ones we used to have got thrown away.
Need to get some photos of everything b/c ya know.. everyone wants to see photos of my boring plants :D
Also need to get pics of the new van too and post them up!

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