Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12w Appointment

BLEH! I had to get a pap today. Thankfully they don't take very long, but still not fun.
Plus before the doc came in, I was sat under a frackin hot ass light for 30mins waiting for her, so I'm sure I was nice and sweaty down there. Awesome... :\

Anyway, it was still a nice appointment. The OB was really nice and helpful even though I could only think of one thing to ask. SIGH.

She did an abdominal u/s first to check the heartbeat. She didn't know that I had just gotten one on Thursday.... I eventually told her lol. I wanted to see the LO some more :D Thankfully she did the u/s a little longer so I could see the LO wiggling all around. Man, that's just so cool to see... I can't wait until I can actually feel it.
Also learned from the u/s..... the LO is WAY over on the left side. With my hsg I had done, it looked like my uterus was to the left some, but this seemed like the LO was right on top of my left ovary or something. Just surprised that he/she was so far over there. At least now I know where to put my own doppler to check for the hb :)
It was embarassing though. Like I've said, I have A LOT of belly fat down there AND I'm hairy, so it's not fun having to expose my belly to anyone.

Erm what else...
I asked about my blood pressure and if it increased my chances of getting pre-e. She explained that there might be some increased chance, but they don't really know why some women get it. That actually made me feel a lot better since it seems to occur randomly.
She did say that my PCOS does increase my chances of getting GD which sucks. I'm going to have to start eating better. I've been slacking off and eating WAY too much sugar recently.
She also said that I can go ahead and stop the metformin and that taking it isn't going to prevent GD from occuring so no point in continuing it. I think I'm going to at least finish the bottle. Maybe get the refill.. not sure.

And finally... my preg stuffy nose has totally turned in to cold stuffy nose. BLEH!!!
Preg stuffy nose usually only occurs when I'm laying down trying to go to bed.... but this is continuous, plus I have that kinda puffy tired feeling around my eyes... ya know, that feeling when you have a cold.
Sucks, but I kinda expected it with DH breathing all over me lol.

And yeah.. that's about it I think. My next appointment is in a month. Sounds like it's going to be the same minus the pap.


Toni Rapp said...

Its hard to believe that you are already 12 weeks along. So happy that everything is going well for you.

LisaL said...

Thanks :)
Looking back, it seems like it went by quickly... actually going through it... it feels like this has taken forever to get to this point! lol
Really hoping it's like everyone says and it will start to fly by now :)

Shari said...

Glad the appt went well! I had GD (also pcos) and it wasn't terrible....just sucked at baby showers when there is cake and other wonderful goodies that you have to stay away from....lol hopefully you don't end up with it!