Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend news

Sorry I didn't post all weekend!
Was just relaxing with DH most of the time and enjoying being lazy heh.

So, we fixed some ribs on Saturday and invited DH's parents over.
We ate, watched some Netflix... nothing out of the ordinary.
I know DH had no idea how he wanted to reveal the news to them. I had put all of the u/s photos in to the envelope the OB's office gave me w/ the newest u/s pics in it.
Well, DH just sorta slid that over his parents shoulders (who were sitting on the loveseat).
They opened it up and were wondering what it was at first.
FiL instantly knew and said that it was u/s photos. Then MiL looked at them, then looked at me and said, something like "Whose are these? Are these yours?" I couldn't help but get emotional and teary eyed and I just nodded and had a couple tears roll down my face. This gets MiL crying and DH lol. Not sure about FiL, he may have gotten the sniffles too heh.
They hugged me and DH... even my shy little niece hugged us which was cute.

It was a really sweet reveal :) We told them later as they were leaving that they could go ahead and tell everyone. About 20min later, DH's older sister called up to congradulate and talk to him. No one else has called from his side, which is fine. Not that I expected it or anything hehe.

Telling everyone makes it a lot more real now. I still can't bring myself to say that I'm pregnant, but it's not so weird to actually realize that it's reality now heh.
BLEH, I have another appointment tomorrow. Only say bleh b/c I have to get there early to fill out or complete paperwork or Meet one of the OBs for the first time. Think the nurse said that there are 4 of them there and they like patients to meet them all at least twice.
Def going to bring up my blood pressure concern. I'm SO worried about it b/c I know it's dangerous in pregnancy. I just hope there's something they'll be able to give me to help control it.
I've been thinking about the birth a lot... and I dunno... I'm just starting to realize that I really don't care how the baby comes out so long as the baby and myself are healthy and alive after.
I mean I really don't want a c-sec, BUT I'm not going to get upset if I have to have one, ya know?
The OB office gave me a bad full of stuff w/ a few magazines in it. One of them is actually really cool. It's a mag that talks about each month of pregnancy and has info about it. It's really cool.
Like did you know that at the beginning... babies look like worms?? Yeah, that freaked me out seeing the photo of that! lol The mag said "tube" but really.. it looked like a worm w/ a really big mouth!
So weird how that can turn in to something so cute hehe.
Symptoms have been ok. Lots of stretching and aches down below which I'm fine with. I really don't notice them during the day, it's mostly at night when trying to get to sleep.

Still not a fan of meat, but I did tear up some ribs which is kinda weird lol.

Slept like crap until last night. WOO! I still woke up a few times, but got back to sleep with little problem.

No more vomitting... yet :P heh Just some gagging here and there.

Had diarrhea yesterday for some reason. I know I didn't eat any trigger foods so it came as a surprise when I had to go.

Even though I slept well, I had a terrible miscarriage dream that was actually me this time, not someone else.
Dreamt I was in high school and yes, was pregnant. I went to the bathroom and passed a clot but no blood.
Later in the dream I passed more clots along w/ a tiny little alien clear looking baby.

UGH I hate dreams like that. I don't mind nightmares, but be about something stupid damnit... not about the dreaded M word :(

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