Monday, January 23, 2012


MAN there are just some completely deluded people out there... especially about doctors in general.
Now let me first start off by saying once again, I'm not telling anyone how to give birth. That is their personal choice that I really could care less about (except for the one stupid thing that I mentioned bfore that I won't get in to again).

BUT some of the reasons why people choose the ways they want.... seriously.. it makes you want to facepalm.

On one of the forums... one woman was happy that her midwife was supportive of her having a VBA2C. If you're not familiar with the abbreviation, that means.. vaginal birth after 2 c-secs.
Now I'm not saying it's impossible. It's very possible and I'm sure plenty of women have done it safely... BUT this woman has done absolutely NO research on her own and is completely and totally trusting of a midwife that is telling her a load of bullshit.
Her idiotic midwife told her that it's TOTALLY safe and that her doctors just lied to her about the risks.... and this woman just completely believes that.. WTF??
And then this woman said in a different post that she didn't want to go to a hospital because she didn't want to be bullied in to anything (which is understandable), and that constant monitoring hasn't proven to help anything (uh... WTF)... and that they'd want to prep her for a c-sec just in case, but she feels like that's setting her up to fail. WHAT???
How is being prepared all of a sudden a BAD thing???
Wouldn't any rational person WANT to be prepared for the worst just in case??
No one wants anything bad to happen, but it'd be nice, especially when it comes to you and your baby's health, if they were prepared for the worst just in case.
THAT is not setting anyone up to fail and it really boggles my brain that anyone would even think that.

Like I said, have whatever kind of birth you want, but at least be open and informed about it.... EVERYTHING about it... not just what you want to hear/believe.

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