Monday, January 30, 2012

Gaining weight

Oh the dilemmas of an average weight person.
LOL I'm sorry but I always have to roll my eyes at tiny little women that get SO upset b/c they're gaining weight during pregnancy and freak the F out over it.

I know none of us want to get fat.. or fatter in my case lol... but really?? Freaking out and actually considering going on a diet while pregnant? You're kidding me right?

I'm not talking about just eating healthier and picking better stuff... THAT is totally different than actually going on a diet b/c you don't want to gain weight which is just ridiculous during pregnancy.

And I mean hell, most of those women are going to lose the baby weight soon after giving birth anyway so they're freaking out over nothing.

Come on... how can you not laugh at someone that weighs say.. 120lbs and OHNOES, has gained a whopping 5lbs! *gasps* Stop the press people! *EYEROLL*

I'm not saying skinny chicks don't have a right to not be worried about it... I just think maybe some skinny gals worry about it too much when it should be a non-issue in most cases during pregnancy.

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Crystal said...

I'm worried about gaining weight when I get pregnant but that is because I am fat just like you lol 5ft tall at 175lbs! Blah! I'm trying now to lose some weight but I know I won't be where I should be when I do get pregnant. But I totally understand your frustration.