Monday, January 30, 2012


There's a thread that talks about having your mom in the room while you deliver.
It just makes me think about what exactly do I want?
At this point, obviously my mind could change a lot before the time comes but I dunno.. I just want it to be DH and I.
I'm really not sure if my mom would even want to be in the room. I mean I guess it all depends on if I even have a vaginal birth too.
I know I want her and the inlaws to be the first to see & hold the LO, BUT only after DH and I have spent a lot of time with her/him by ourselves.

When SiL gave birth... FiL and MiL were both in the room while she delivered. I know SiL held her baby first, but by the time everyone else was in the room... that baby was nowhere near her b/c everyone else was holding her.
Now I don't mind if they want to hold our baby, but I'll be damned if they hold him/her more than DH and I do at first, ya know?
There will be plenty of time for them to spend with the baby later on, but those first few days will be for DH and I to bond with the new LO.

I just know that MiL is NOT going to be in there when I'm delivering. I know she was just excited, but she was a mess after SiL gave birth. Her LO pooped out meconium while SiL was giving birth so LO wasn't as lively at first, which I'm sure was scary, but that is ALL MiL could talk about and how her apgar score was only this and is this normal for her to be doing etc etc. Her constant rambling and worry just stressed everyone out and honestly it was REALLY annoying.

Plus I just think it would be weird for MiL to see my hooha :P lol

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