Saturday, January 28, 2012

The big reveal!

First... yesterday was pretty good.
I did have some diarrhea issues though. I was constipated... and the big stuff came out and that was I guess enough for the rest to follow as well for the rest of the day. BLEH.
My stomach has been grumbling and getting upset at everything I eat. Feels like it can't make up its mind if it wants to go back to being constipated or diarrhea.

No vomitting yesterday thankfully. Had a little bit of nausea and gagging, but that was it.

Still slept like total crap again last night though. Booo
Sucks so much when you're SO tired, but you can't get to sleep, or you get to sleep only to wake up constantly.


So we went out last night to dinner w/ inlaws like we usually do and DH's parents had my niece with them (brother's oldest daughter). They will usually pick her up to spend the night on the weekends and well.. they did this time.
I was going to wait to tell my brother and his wife the news after we told the inlaws, BUT with my niece there... I figured I'd just have to tell them a bit sooner.
So.. I wrote them an email. Yes.. and email. They know I'm SUPER awkward on the phone so they weren't upset or anything heh.
It's nice telling people but embarassing. I just don't like the attention.
I knew my brother was going to call my dad right up and tell him.. hell he did it while I was still on the phone with SiL.. I could hear him in the background talking to him lol.
SO yep... 3 people down.... a lot more to go, but I'm sure DH's parents will take care of that for us hehe.

They're coming over at about 5. I have some cleaning to do before they get here. BLEH

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