Thursday, January 26, 2012

1st Prenatal

I'm SO frickin nervous for it!! I don't know why, it's not like I'm the first patient ever there to be pregnant lol.
Just this office intimidates me. They were idiots over the phone sure, but they're really nice there and it's a nice office. I'm just not used to it is all I guess.

I think DH is bummed that he can't come with me today, especially if they do another ultrasound. He made sure to tell me this morning that I better get a photo if they do one :P hehe I hope they give copies.

We still have to find a frame or photo album or something for the u/s photos that we have. They're still sitting on my desk atm.

Woke up feeling a bit sore and tight today. Figured I would from the puking yesterday. Need to go eat something b/c I'm starting to get a little nauseated again.

Alrighty, I'm back to ramble some more.

This is going to be A LOT of info here so yeah... but hopefully everyone is used to it from myself by now heh.

I have A LOT of shaving to do downstairs. I dunno if it's the PCOS or just my body, but I am SUPER hairy down there. Now I know doctors have seen almost everything and they could probably care less, but I sure as hell don't want to go in there and the doctor needs a damn weed whacker to do an exam!

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Toni Rapp said...

Good luck with your appointment!