Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spilling the beans

DH wants to tell his parents on Saturday about all of this.
Totally fine with it, but I think they're going to suspect something.
He wants to invite them over here for dinner which is totally fine, BUT whenever we've invited family here, it's been EVERYONE. So only inviting his parents is going to look suspicious.
When I told him that he just grinned b/c I know he didn't think of that lol.

And I know for a fact that his mother is going to tell everyone. Hell, she told her sister about my m/c and I'm positive told SiL as well, but told them not to mention anything... even though the aunt called me the next day to ask if I was doing ok.
She can not keep a secret for anything so basically... we're telling everyone this weekend :P heh

A bit sooner than I thought DH wanted, but I think with my last u/s going well and it being so close to the 2nd tri, he figured it's ok :)

Yesterday was pretty good. Decided to go braless to see if that helped with the itchy nipple situation. Put lotion on them early in the day and that helped a little. They started to flake and itch again at night but not as bad as before. All of the scratching is really making them tender. I'm not ripping off skin or anything and I try to avoid actually scratching the actual nipple.. I go all around it :P hehe

My boobs, especially the right one had some mild burning sensations last night too. It wasn't painful or anything, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

Gagged once last night. It was after dinner and dessert. I ate WAY too much and being so full caused it.
I hate being that full, but you don't realize you are until it's too late.

I'm freaking out a bit about my appointment tomorrow. What's new right? heh
I know I sound like a broken record... I just hope everything is ok. Really hope they end up doing an u/s so I can at least see that the LO is doing well.

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