Monday, January 23, 2012

So close... so far away

I'm sooo close to being in the 2nd tri. Just 2 more weeks to go. Seems like SO far away though! BLEH!

Yesterday was such a blah day. I eventually took some tylenol. I couldn't stand that almost headache feeling any longer. It helped so yay.

Also I had been constipated for 2 days and finally went #2 yesterday and BOY was there a lot. I was full of shit.... HA! Man I am such a child :P hehe
I feel so much lighter now after that though. Now I'm sure it will be another 2 days before I go again heh. It's all good though... haven't had any gut/stomach cramps so it's not too bad.

Oh my nipples started itching like crazy again last night. I took a look at them and they are dry as hell apparently. You know how your skin looks when it starts to peel after a tan? Yeah, that's what my nipples looked like. Flaking peeling skin. BLEH
Put lotion on them (too bad DH was out b/c he would've enjoyed watching that lol), and that seemed to help a little bit.

I feel fine today, and yes, that still freaks me out. I am still really worried about the progesterone thing. And not knowing if they're going to do an u/s this Thursday or not so I can at least calm the nerves's gonna be a long week.


Shari said...

Buy the nipple cream for breastfeeding or use vasoline type of lotion (udder butter if you cam find it) keeps them from itching and flaking. It was the only things that helped mine.

LisaL said...

Thanks Shari :D I'll have to look for that next time we're in the store.