Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh it's gonna be rough

I slept like total shit last night :(
Don't understand how that happened considering how tired I was. I was SO drained after my appointment.
I can feel a headache coming on. Sigh....

Don't get me started on how stiff and sore I am from the dry heaving lol. I wonder if you do it enough.. if it's actually beneficial. I mean not throwing up, but the muscles it works... did that make sense? Hopefully that wasn't too weird of a thought lol.

Yeah, today is going to be miserable, but I'm so happy to be here.
Here are 2 more u/s scans from yesterday.
Don't know why I didn't post them yesterday lol.
It's just so cool and amazing how quickly they grow. I mean the baby is what... only a little over an inch long and already has little arms and legs. I can't even imagine that! lol
They look so much bigger on the u/s and then you remember just how big they actually are.. and yeah, it blows my mind. So glad for technology!

I dunno... I was leaning a bit torwards male for gender, but after seeing the scans... I'm just not sure. I mean obviously I'm still not, but if you want to go by all of the theories out there...
You have the heartbeat which was 176 yesterday which is considered fast... and girls are supposed to have the fast heartrates.
I'm really not sure where the placenta is. IF it's the big white blob at the bottom, then that means it's to the left more which also indicates girl.
Chinese gender chart says girl....
So yeah... all signs point to girl heh.

We'll be happy with whatever we get, but I dunno.. honestly, the thought of having a boy was really amazing. I know DH really wanted a boy first and I know my mom wants us to have a boy first, and inlaws will probably be hoping for a boy as well.
Like I said, we'll be happy with either gender though. And I know if this LO is a girl... DH will spoil her rotten. She's totally going to be a Daddy's girl :)
I can't wait for that 20w scan!!!


Anonymous said...

At 12 weeks with a doppler my babies heart rate was 178.. so a girl I guess

Well he's a well a he, so ya all those tales are bull. The chinese calender also said girl for me..

LisaL said...

Yeah, I'm really not putting much faith in all of those theories out there. Read too many women saying how it was total BS for them heh.
It's still interesting and fun though :)