Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Today is going to be interesting. It started late last night when I was trying to get to sleep. Just a slight nauseated feeling and I woke up to it.
It's nothing bad and easily ignored, but I took a sip of milk and it amped up a bit and caused me to gag.
That would be pretty messed up if I started to get morning sickness now :P lol

Still nothing on the doppler. Booo :(
I mean I figured as much since skinny chicks are just now picking up their LOs.... but still.. it would be nice if I could pick up something.

I'm nervous about my appointment on Thursday. I dunno.. it feels like I'm back in school and have to go in front of the class to read something. Just totally anxious and dread lol. Not sure why. Guess it's b/c I'm really not used to this place like I am my RE's office.
It's great that I have moved on to them, but I dunno... it's intimidating too.

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