Thursday, January 26, 2012

1st prenatal appointment

Went well today :)
Boy was I nervous but everyone there was really nice.
I had a transvag u/s and it was great! Their machine is a lot better than the RE's office and the baby looks so big :D
Better views were shown but guess it didn't translate to a still photo.
Still, it was nice to see that the LO was doing just fine.
Wasn't really wiggling around though so must've been asleep.
I heard the heartbeat for the first time too which was awesome and actually got a number.. 176bpm :)
If you're going by the hb theory then it's a girl. *shrugs*
Also, LO was measuring a bit ahead still too at 12w today, but the u/s tech said that since my cycle was weird that they go by the measurement of the very first u/s which was the 6w1d one so my due date is still August 14th.

They gave me a bunch of stuff, weighed me (bleh) took my blood pressure which was high as I figured it would be and took 5 vials of blood.

I also have my next 4 appointments scheduled which is exciting. My next one is actually on Tuesday. They do the 2nd at 12w and I'll be 12w then so.. yep.
March 26th will be the anatomy scan at 20w! YAY! Gonna seem like forever waiting for that day to arrive. I can't wait to hear what we're having :)


Megan said...

Yay so excited for you! Hopefully the days will fly by for you

LisaL said...

I hope so :)