Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beginning of the end

Dropped to just 4 pumps yesterday and already my supply dropped with it. Only got about 15oz yesterday which is good, but not when baby boy is eating about 6oz 6x a day.

His digestive system has definitely adjusted to the formula and he's pooping like crazy again b/c of it and the baby food. He had a blow out twice yesterday... that's not including the 2 normal poops he had. Yeah... gross.


Wanna see some more destruction from the kids? lol
Some of their "art" on the walls....

See all of the 'Zoe' on the walls? She actually tried to blame Oren for doing that. Sigh... He did do some of the lower stuff, like the photo below though. He's not totally innocent lol.

Oren's closet. DH took the door off of it. I would've been fine leaving it on, but he's paranoid about it for obvious reasons. They like playing in it (notice the toys and sleeping bags on the floor), so just to be safe, he took the door off.

And little Oren... he's saying cheese now when you take photos :D It's so darn cute!!
He's doing fine. His nail came off yesterday (BLARGH!) and we had to change his bandages 3 times b/c 1.... he took it off.
2... he played in the dog water and he's not supposed to be getting it wet.
3... he followed Zoe in to the bathroom. She was done, but didn't flush, so DH walked in on him playing in the toilet... in her pee water. Yuck....
That's the challenge though.. just keeping him from doing something nasty with it lol. Did have to redress it some this morning b/c his finger slipped out. Not a huge deal and thankfully his finger isn't bleeding anymore. Looks gross and I'm sure it's probably all sensitive and gross feeling for him still. He freaks out a bit when you have to mess with it, but overall he's handling it really well. :)

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