Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Little trooper

DH and Oren came home at 9 last night. Oren wasn't too happy b/c DH took his coat off. Oh toddlers lol.
He was fine other than that and had his hand wrapped up.
Supposed to keep it from getting wet and need to keep it on until Wednesday. Gonna be interesting trying to reapply bandaging and whatnot. Not looking forward to that.
Just so glad he's ok otherwise though. I'm sure this is one of many trips to the hospital. Gotta get used to it, especially if we put him in gymnastics. Can only imagine the injuries a kid can get doing that. Yikes...

So in other news... I did weigh in yesterday and it was 219 even. Decided to just go ahead and weigh myself this morning and ... 217 even. Wha??
Pfft, I'll take it!
I know it's not all fat being lost but hey.. it's still something :D
Too bad losing weight can't always be like this. I'd be at my goal in no time and back to eating more bad stuff :P
It actually hasn't been that bad... yet. It is a pain wanting something quick and sweet. Sure there's fruit, but fruit doesn't always hit the spot.

So yep... 1 week down... a bunch more to go! :D

My milk is definitely drying up. Slowly but surely. Other than my diet, nothing else has changed.
Other than diet, dunno what else could be causing it to drop like this. Maybe something hormonal? /shrugs
He's used to the formula now so.. I guess it's good timing.
Think I'm gonna drop a pump soon. Maybe the noon one.. or even the middle of the night one.
That would be nice... not having to get up in the middle of the night to pump. Plus it means we could move Ez to his room. Not looking forward to that, b/c it means having to get up to go check on him when he fusses and letting him cry it out. Sigh.... gotta happen though.

Yesterday... I had some blocked ducts in my left breast. That sucked. Not sure why it happened. I pumped after we were dropped off by DH and holy crap my boob was killing me. Thankfully with a lot of painful massaging, the milk finally released and it feels totally normal today.

and yep.. that's about it for now :)

FX that Oren's finger heals up quick.

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