Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yay! So proud of him :)

DH exercised yesterday YAY! So proud of him for starting :)
I made us some big ass salads for dinner. It didn't fill me up at first. I did eventually feel satisfied, but that was after I drank a little bit of vanilla eggnog (gave the rest to the kids) and ate a reeses xmas tree that got overlooked :P lol
That's still a lot better than what I would normally eat after dinner. So it's a start.
I'll start eating better all day next week. There's just too much junk in the house still and I didn't buy anything to eat low carb during the day.
So next week should be a lot better since the junk should be gone and I'll have more food options in the house to help fill me up while my body gets used to eating healthy again.

Still not sure about exercise.
I think doing videos will be my best bet, but it's still going to be difficult getting up the energy to do it. I need to though. I'll aim for the beginning of Feb, but will hope for a little sooner if things are feeling good.

Plan with diet is to just low carb again. May not go as low as I did before, but if I can I will. Just really don't want to count calories. Not a fan of that. I like charting and all of that, but counting calories just makes me feel like I'm starving myself (even if I'm not). I don't like feeling limited in that respect b/c it ALWAYS makes me feel like I haven't eaten enough and I always feel hungry.

Think there are 3 or 4 women in Oren's mommy group that are currently pregnant. One of them just had a son a couple weeks ago :)
I think I can say... at this point, I feel no envy at all towards them rofl.
Think that's a good sign that I know I'm done emotionally having kids. I'm sure down the road, I'll be envious and will miss it all, but right now... NOPE!
Right now.. I just want a somewhat clean house and sleep. Mostly sleep.

My milk supply seems like it wants to go back to what it was, but then it will go back down to what it's been doing. /shrugs
Just still hoping that when the time comes to finally stop.... it won't take so long and won't be so painful.

If you enjoy K-Dramas (Korean Dramas)... I highly recommend watching Dramaworld on Netflix. The episodes are pretty short so it's easy to binge watch them all in a day or 2. SUPER funny show that pokes fun at k dramas and how ridiculous they can be sometimes.

I'm sure there was more I wanted to talk about but I never remember it all.

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