Monday, January 9, 2017

Well that was disappointing

So all that hubbub about snow.. and all we got was a dusting of it. Sigh....
It was pretty while it lasted.... and now it's going to get up to 70 this coming Friday. Seriously weather? Seriously?? Could we get some damn cold weather and keep it cold?
I know all of you guys in northern areas are giving me some serious side eye atm lol.
It's just this flip floppy weather is getting everyone sick.
Poor Zoe wanted to get our "christmas sleds" to go play in the snow. Sigh... well.. we don't have sleds b/c well... that would be a waste of money, but I felt bad that the kids couldn't really enjoy the snow. She liked watching it come down though. Still some time for us to get something I guess.
Come on nature.... I don't want a lot of snow, but at least give us more than that and stuff that lasts for more than an hour on the ground!

DH got some stuff done though :) He put up some of the photos that we've had laying around. This is by the front door. We need to print a bigger photo of Ezra to put in his frame.
He also put up a Batman shelf that we bought before Christmas along w/ these 2 other little shelves that we've had for years above the sunroom doors. I completely forgot to take a photo of the design thing I had around the door before he took that down. I know I have a photo of it somewhere though. Will post it if I can ever find it.
We just need to get some DC figures or something to put on the shelves ;)

And couple photos of my little Ez. He's 5mo today and he's adorable :D

We gave him some baby food last night for the first time. He actually did really well eating the food. Definitely ready for it.
He's just started to get a bit better with bringing things to his mouth. He's trying to hold his bottle too, but forgets he's doing it so it ends up falling and he starts fussing lol.
We also started to unswaddle one arm at night. So far so good. Although he did weasel his other hand out and I think that woke him up a little. Certainly woke him up completely at 7 this morning. 7 isn't too bad, but kids have been waking at 8 which has been heaven.
No more 7 little dude!!

Other kiddos are doing well.
Oren is just a sponge with words right now. I mean he's not talking super clear or anything, but he does seem to be learning a lot of new words now.
Just wish he would use those words instead of crying and tantruming. UUUUUGH tantrums will be the death of me.

Zoe is good too. Her same old crazy self :)
Her new excuse to not clean is that her hands and/or feet are asleep :\
Told her last night that if she cleans up, she'll start getting an allowance of a quarter a day. She got all excited about it..... and then didn't clean rofl.
She did eventually do it after I kept on her about it though.
I can't wait until Oren starts to get it a bit more so he can start helping her out. It's a bit unfair right now that she has to pick up all the mess from both of them.

Ugh.. she has been saying something creepy though. She definitely tries to delay bedtime and constantly comes out of her room for one reason or another.
One of her excuses for coming out? "My toys are moving."
Uh... what??
The other night, I had just started pumping and she came in to the room. It was her 2nd time coming in. Was about to tell her to go back to bed, but she said her toys were moving and yeah...... I just told her to get in to our bed lol.
I know it's just an excuse and not real, but that crap is too creepy to deal with at 3am :P

DH is going to start exercising today. At least that's the plan.
I have no idea when I'm supposed to be doing it. Maybe if we decide to get that beachbody thing, I can do videos or something, but working out on the machines we have isn't gonna happen. Not right now at least.
We can start eating better though. Just gonna have to work a bit more to come up with dinner ideas and start weaning myself off the junk food.
Sugar is just so GD delicious and addictive. And don't get me started on carbs.... delicious carbs that make everything taste better.

I also need to figure out SOMETHING to do to keep me motivated.
Plan on NOT weighing in every day like I did before. While it kept me a little motivated.... I think it discouraged me more. Seeing the weight fluctuations every day.... multiple times a day was really screwing things up before. Not sure how often I will weigh in though. Maybe weekly, maybe every other week. We'll see.

Something needs to start though. DH will start now... I think I'm gonna aim for next week or at least a little later this week. Need to think about what I want to do to get this party started and slowly (but also quickly) get off of this junk food kick I've been in.

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