Friday, January 13, 2017

Dressing up

So... Zoe's been dressing up Oren for a while now. Yesterday was particularly hilarious though. She first put him in her teal colored Wonder Woman nightgown, then decided that wasn't enough, so put a Minnie Mouse dress over it.
I took the minnie mouse dress off him b/c it got a bit warm and he felt like he was sweating, but I kept the nightgown on him and he was put in bed with it on lol.
And today.... Zoe has put him in one of her little Frozen nightgowns lol.

Hey, he doesn't mind and I think it's adorable :) They're playing together and not fighting? Dress however you want kid.
She's put him in her Frozen costumes too.
Don't have sisters? No problem for Zoe :P lol

DH had his 2nd sleep study. They better give him his dang cpap already. I know they were fitting him with it last night. I guess to see if it would help him or not. Hopefully it did and hopefully that means he got one. No idea.

I was SO GD tired though. With Ez waking up constantly during the night and then waking up at 7 in the morning. It's been tiring. I know it could be worse though. Really just hope DH lets me sleep in this weekend.  Or better yet.. I hope the kids let us both sleep in.


Oren was soaked with pee this morning. That was gross.
He pointed to his diaper and said poo, but no poo thankfully.. just a diaper overflowing with pee.
That's never happened. I dunno how much he drank the night before but... damn.

Also... Zoe got it in to her head yesterday that she was going to take Oren's diaper off when he had poo. She came in here with a grin on her face saying something about him having poo.
Then here he comes... butt nekkid, looking a bit lost and confused lol.
Thankfully it was just a turd and it looked like she put the diaper straight in to the trash. Still though.... BLEH. I made her wash her hands and of course scolded her a bit so she wouldn't do it again.
It would still be bad, but not as bad if he had turds all the time, but with his disgusting poops... doing stuff like that is not good.
I imagine we're going to have a pootastrophy one of these days that's going to require a lot of deep cleaning.

My attempts to not be as mean and yell at my kids has been hit or miss. Sometimes I'll do well and sometimes I lose my shit. It is getting better though. My go to isn't automatically yelling anymore. Oh it still happens, but not every time. Just have to keep working on it and being more aware and in control.

Zoe's cleaning has been a reason for some yelling. Oh it starts off with me calm and collected and ends up with me yelling and wanting to rip my hair out.
She'll sometimes do a great job and picking up after herself and her brother, but most of the time, she'll pick up one thing.. then will go back to playing. Then I'll have to remind her to keep cleaning... wash rinse repeat with the volume of my voice going up up and up.
She has earned herself either 75 cents or a dollar though so she's getting there lol.

We tried teaching her the value of coins. Yeah.. she didn't get it lol. DH was joking with her and asked her which one she wanted... a penny or a quarter... this was after we repeatedly told her that the quarter was worth more.... and of course she picked the penny b/c it was nice and shiny and coppery :P So he gave her 25 pennies to put in her bank.

Making her earn something by cleaning works sometimes too. I've been letting them play with these little flashlights. They've been pretending to have a camp out and sleep over in Oren's closet. She wanted the flashlight today so I told her she needed to pick up the toys in the living room and she'd get it. Seemed to work. Had to remind her a few times to keep cleaning b/c she got distracted, but she eventually picked everything up.
Can't tell now b/c toys have been thrown around again... but it was nice for that minute it lasted lol.

Think I'm going to convince DH to sign up for that beachbody thing this weekend. I just don't see myself being able to workout on the machines we have. I don't see myself using videos too much either to be honest, but I NEED to make myself do it. No more making excuses.
Unless it's an injury or one of the kids is sick or something.... I'm not going to let myself make excuses to not just do it.
You better believe my lazy ass will fight it tooth and nail with every excuse in the book, but even if I can only manage 10mins (before the kids need something)... then I'm gonna do something.. anything.
I can't delay this journey to a healthier me any longer.
I'm up to around 224lbs now. Yikes. I haven't been this big in years and I am not happy that I've gotten this big again.

Also think I'm going to go ahead and post progress photos too. Keep myself accountable and hopefully have visual evidence that what I'm doing is working.

Lets get this weight loss going!
Going to head over to beachbody right now and see what videos they have. I know most of them I think, but there are a few that I think I want to start off with if they look to cater more towards the truly unfit... such as myself lol.

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