Thursday, January 5, 2017


My messy house photos post has about double the views than my normal posts do. Guess people like viewing destruction! ;) lol
Just thought that was funny. Not sure why that one has so many views but whatever :P heh

Maybe I should post some more photos of out messy house. Lord knows there is a lot more I need to declutter.
Really wish we had a container store or something near us. Or maybe we should just hire a professional organizer. Someone to come in here and organize and declutter everything without having to throw a ton of shit away. But that would require money that needs to be saved up for other things.

So DH has another sleep study Friday night. He had a followup appointment yesterday. Was told that before REM sleep, his apnea score was a 9, which he said was light apnea. Once in REM though, it jumped up to 15, then to 20something when he laid on his back which I'm guessing is pretty high.
Think that means he had 20something instances of apnea within an hour. It counts for when his oxygen intake becomes too low.. so not all of those are when he completely stops breathing.
So this next study will be fitting him for his CPAP.
His doctor also said he has a deviated septum that could be causing some problems and that surgery could be an option to fix that and open up his airways more, but that that may not really work that well so even if he did want that done, he'd probably still have to use a CPAP anyway.

He's going to freeze on his way home. We're supposed to be getting a wintery mix Friday night and saturday morning. He just better drive safe.
Really hope it snows a little and sticks enough for the kids to play in it some. It's supposed to but not sure how much and not sure if it's going to be mixed in with rain too. Bleh.
We already got our grocery shopping done so we won't have to go out in it if it is gross out.
Just sit at home and be driven crazy by the kids ;) lol

The conditioner and oil I've been using on my hair is going well. No big difference from the first time I used it. I have been trying to focus putting most of the oil on my ends, but I'm not sure that's done anything different.
My hair feels SOOOOO nice and healthy since I did start using the 2 though. Really smooth and not dry at all.
As for Zoe's curl conditioner. It might bring out her curls a little bit more, but since her curls aren't that pronounced to begin with... it's not super obvious. Like I said originally... maybe there's more difference if you have really curly hair.

I love after holiday discounted stuff lol.
The grocery store still has some Xmas stuff left and it's all 70% off. Got a nice soft microfiber blanket for $6.. originally $20. The kids stole 2 other blankets that I had gotten for myself so I needed this one... at least that's what I told myself :P lol
It will come in handy when the temp drops and it gets cold up in here.

Pretty sure I'm getting some milk carpal tunnel again. Good lord.. the pain from it is.... something. It's not as bad as it was when I was pregnant thank goodness, but it is SO GD uncomfortable especially when I'm pumping and needing to massage my boobs. The repetitive motions just hurts.

And my supply still hasn't recovered. Oh well... should make stopping easier. Still not sure when that will happen, but need to figure it out soon.
I'd like to slowly decrease over 2 weeks, but that means I'll only be pumping for 2 more weeks.
Sigh... will be sad to stop, but it's going to happen soon.

Think I will post more before and after messy house photos rofl. The main messiness left is the butler's pantry (sounds fancier than it is.. it's just extra storage space). It's a cluttered nightmare in there right now. Just a bunch of random shit that gets shoved in there when we don't know where else to put it. Also the kitchen needs to be cleaned up. The barstool counter gets cleaned off only for junk to be slowly but surely put up there and left.
It's pretty crazy how easily you overlook the mess b/c you just get used to it.

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