Friday, January 6, 2017

I was cool before it was cool....

Rofl... was that title hipster enough?
Was just thinking last night that I remember when I was a teen and loving anime. This was in the 90's when you couldn't get it easily and it was all super expensive. Got SO excited when Best Buy started carrying anime. Oh.. we couldn't afford a lot of it, but it was nice seeing it there. lol

Then... in the 90's... loving modern Korean music. Ya know.. before it was known as K-pop lol. The local Korean stores would carry VHS tapes of the music top 20/50 shows and my friend and I would rent and watch them. We actually witnessed the birth of k-pop pretty much. The groups with a bazillion members in them. Before everyone started getting plastic surgery. You could actually see when things started to become more commercial.
Also big difference, back then... the stars didn't care about getting a tan. Getting a tan wasn't some bad thing and the singers would sport some seriously dark tans.

So hard to believe that that was so long ago. It really is true.. the 90's feel like it was only 10 years ago at the most...not 18 years ago.
Good lord... people born in 1999 are graduating or already in college! Uuuuuuuugh I feel oooooooold lol

I'm totally getting my kids to love K-pop though.. rofl. I don't really like a lot of it and don't actually seek it out on my own. Just happen to run across them on youtube and some are darn catchy. Currently listening to NCT stuff. No idea what the whole deal with all that mess is that I see in comments about there being subunits and blahblahblah. I don't care.. just bring out good music.
Anywho... Zoe likes one called 7th sense. Oren and Zoe like trying to sing along with the songs and dancing to them. It's so cute :D
I think my fav song is one called Switch. It's just so happy and innocent sounding.

So.. definitely not a period. The bleeding stopped for about a day and a half then started again last night. A little heavier, but still only just spotting.
It's really light right now. A tad heavier than when it first started, but definitely not a period unless it's just some weird one... which I doubt. Just wonky hormones.

Welp, sleep study was cancelled. I'm sure due to the weather.
I know northern states laugh at us southerners freaking out over a few snowflakes, but our roads just aren't prepared for even a little bit of it. We're supposed to be getting rain too and with temps dropping, the roads are going to be covered in ice probably.
While I wish DH could get this over with and get his machine, I am glad that he's not going to be driving in any of this mess.

Still though... I so hope it snows and I hope it sticks around for a little bit. Enough to at least enjoy how quiet it usually makes everything.
Think I saw an extended forecast and the temps are supposed to be going back up to mid to low 60's mid? next week.

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