Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bc i got bored cooking....

For some reason I can't lower the top 2 images. Those are pics of our messy ass cluttered butler's pantry. Just full of junk that we just throw in there and forget about. Figured I'd go ahead and take a photo and post it b/c if I waited until I cleaned it... it wouldn't get done lol.
Seriously though... hoping to get it clean this weekend.
That wine rack is going to waste since we don't drink wine. We tried a few years ago. Went to a wine place where the owner tried to help us pick out some good beginner ones. Nope! Well, the super sweet white wine was pretty good, but the red wine we tried was disgusting. He told us how to drink them, etc etc but that red wine was just gross.

Gotta keep recommending Bar Keeper's Friend some more. That stuff is legit. I always see those cleaning 'hacks' of using baking soda and blahblahblah to clean stuff. No... just use this stuff. You don't have to wait to scrub the stuff off. You just wet it a little, sprinkle some of this stuff on and then scrub it off.
Obviously the bottom of the pot isn't spotless lol. I get impatient after about 2 minutes of scrubbing and half ass it. Plus my scrubber doesn't get in to all the little grooves so it's not gonna be perfect, but it sure is better than what it was before.
The blue is what I use to wash dishes. It's literally just the scrubby part that regular sponges have on the other side. Like the yellow and green ones... it's the green part. You do use more soap since there's no sponge to soak it up, BUT they last much longer b/c they don't hold in that moisture like a sponge does and ends up getting all funky and gross.
Not sure about everyone else, but I never remembered to squeeze out the sponge every time after use so it would eventually get funky.

Ok... not sure what's going on and why I can't space the photos apart. Grr.... Like the title says.. I got bored while I was cooking dinner. I fixed beef veggie stew last night. Forgot to keep taking photos after this part lol.
But yeah... I think it's yummy if I do say so myself :)
Here's my recipe if anyone cares to try it...

2lbs pounds of beef stew meat (imo Sam's club has awesome stew meat. Always tender and not that gross weird powdery texture. Get stuff that is a little fatty)
1-2 tablespoons of beef bouillon (picture above is what I like)
Can of beef broth
About 1tbs of rosemary
1tsp garlic powder or 1-2tsp of minced garlic
1tsp of onion powder

I don't usually brown my meat so... yeah...
Put stew meat in to pot. Add in everything above and mix. Bring to a boil, then drop the heat down to simmer.
Cover and simmer for 1 hour.

Now you can use fresh ingredients if you want. I'm fine with canned stuff b/c all that prep work can kiss my butt lol.

2 cans of corn
2 cans of diced tomato
2 cans of whole potatoes, drained
2 cans of sliced carrots
2 cans of green beans, drained

Turn heat back up a little and start adding in your ingredients. Depending on how big your pot is, you may be able to add in the juice from both cans of corn and carrots, but if not, just drain the liquid out. I can usually get in the liquid of 1 can of each for my size pot. You do need the liquid from at least 2 of them though.

Mix everything up well. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 1 hour.
Taste it before serving and add salt and pepper to suit your taste :)

Also, if you don't want it so watery and want it thickened to go over rice or something, mix up some cornstarch with a little bit of water and add that to the stew and mix. I'd go about 1 tablespoon or cornstarch at a time until it's the consistency that you want.
I'm sure throwing it all in to a crockpot would be equally as good too :D

DH and Ezra being adorable. Ez hasn't done this with me yet and only just started to do it with DH last night. GRabbing and feeling DH's face. It was so cute.

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