Friday, January 27, 2017

Is it Friday yet?

Oh yeah... doesn't matter if it is or not... can't stop being a parent just b/c it's the weekend..... sigh. Maybe I'll be able to sleep in though. Doubt it, but I can hope....

I'm SO tired lately. Not really sure why. My sleep hasn't been great, but I've gotten less sleep before and been more awake than this.
When I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping good, but I am still waking up a lot which sucks. Would be nice to actually stay asleep until it's time to pump, but nope.. I wake up and midnight, then at 1 or 2.
Ezra doesn't help b/c he starts to move his head which moves the bassinet which causes it to creak.
I'm just tired.... so tired :(
It's only 12:30 and I've been nodding off for the last 2 hours now. Sigh...
Maybe it's a carb coma. It is Friday and I'm eating what I want. Already had 2 packs of fire noodles and 2 slices of toast. Like I said before, we don't have junk food in the house... but do still have a few carby things lol.

Only one pack of fire noodles left. Leaving that for DH since he hasn't eaten them yet. Might get more one day, but not right now. While Friday is FFA... I just can't control myself with ramen. I love ramen... LOOOOOVE it!!

So my conditioner is still working great. I used that different oil last night and my hair today feels SOOOOOO baby soft.
This one...
I really focus on putting a lot of the oil on my ends in hopes that it helps the way it looks, but nope. Sigh. It feels soft.. a little dry, but softer than if I hadn't used it.
The rest of my hair feels so darn good though!

Oh my goodness..... ready for some old pics?

Look how tiny they are... dawwwww... my sweet babies..
Guess they're really not that old, seems like not that long ago, but also like a million years too.
They really do grow up so fast.

Ok.. time to put Oren down for a nap... and maybe get in a quick nap for myself before I need to pump again....
I'm going back and forth on pumping right now.
Part of me wants to stop, part of me wants to keep going even if I'm not getting as much. Think I'm stopping b/c it's just not worth it money-wise to keep renting the pump when I'm not pumping that much. Yeah... definitely stopping. It's just hard to give it up. Even though it sucks and my nipples start hurting again for no reason etc etc.. It's still hard to stop.

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