Sunday, January 29, 2017

Super stinky poop!

Good grief. Ezra has the funkiest poop ever. Oren and Zoe have nothing on Ezra. How can something so little and cute produce that stench?
Imagine sewage... that someone lit on fire, threw some garbage on, and then shit on. It's so bad.
Oren's is bad too.. well.. ok it's poop. It's not supposed to smell good... but still... BLEH! lol
Hoping we can get Oren potty trained sooner than Zoe did, but we'll see.

To make up for the stanky poop.... Ezra was being extra cute today.
I was holding him, and he'd rest his head on me, then sit up.... then rest his head on me.. then sit up.. rinse repeat. It was SO sweet and I loved every minute of it.

Zoe had herself the first real meltdown in a store today... and of course that store was Walmart.
I was letting her pick out some flower seeds. She picked hers... and then I saw the same flower seeds, but for a dollar cheaper. So I get that and tell her we're going to go put the other one up. Cue the beginning of the freak out.
Of course she didn't want the cheaper one, she wanted the other one. NOPE... we're getting the cheaper one... NOPE...she starts freaking out more and acting like a spoiled brat and that was it. I just put her seeds away and told her she wasn't getting anything.
That's when the very loud crying started and all the looks from everyone. I didn't care though. Sure I noticed, but I DGaF now. Have your meltdown child b/c this momma is not rewarding shitty behavior.
She carried on through the entire store. She wanted to look at the Valentine's Day stuff, but NOPE.... act like a brat, you're not getting what you want (which is what I told her).

Sure, I could've just gotten the more expensive seeds to begin with, but it's the way she refused the cheaper one and then kinda stomped like that was going to get her what she wanted.
I dunno who she thinks she's trying to manipulate with that mess.
Maybe MiL and aunt fall for that... I dunno.

On a better note though, MiL said that she really enjoyed the circus. MiL ended up buying her a stupidly expensive little white tiger plushie for $25. I mean the thing looks super cheap and ugly and is probably worth... maybe $5. She also bought Oren this really ugly clown plushie. REALLY ugly... but oh well... at least it's not creepy lol.

DH did the taxes yesterday and we'll be getting a decent amount back. Yay :)
2k of it is going to credit card though. Damn you Christmas!! lol
But the rest can be used to start some home projects that we've been wanting. Like DH's shed..... the back porch/patio... and whatever else. Nothing stupid though.
NO stupidly expensive summer trip this year.
Yes that road trip was fun and it was quite an experience, but something like that can wait again.
Maybe we'll do a weekend trip to somewhere.. or just take day trips to wherever. The local state park, the zoo, etc.

Anyway... hoping that the amount we're getting back will help to pay for the home improvement projects. Would LOVE to finally get that back porch. Spend some days out there with the kids. Relaxing and getting some sun, while they go dodge the dog poo piles in the yard :P lol

I would like to get them a swing set for Christmas. Was looking at some expensive ones online (saw one in Sam's Club and looked at the brand online.. Backyard Discoveries? I think that's what it's called.).... anyway.. they have some really cute stuff, but a lot of it is HUGE and just too big for our yard. The thing we saw at Sam's was a little wooden play house with a built in bench, a spot for flower pots at the windows etc etc. SUPER cute, but also expensive at $300. That's cheaper than what the site and amazon lists it for though. Think on Amazon it's either 500 or 600.

But yeah.. would love to give the kids some kind of play set, swings, slide, play house.. whatever in the back yard. Give them lots to do in a safe area... hopefully free of poop.
We'll see though. We'll see how much everything is going to be and how much we'll have left and if it's enough and we agree on what to get the kids... maybe :)

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