Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Clean at last.... Again....

Thank goodness dh is home bc it gave me a chance to clean and somewhat organize the chaos. Took me an entire day to do it and boy was the house messier than I had thought, but I got it done damnit!!
SO much more trash than I initially thought. Granted I did throw away a lot of cheap little crap toys that they don't play with and tattered coloring books, but still... it still filled up a trashbag.

Pics! Trust me when I say that it's clean lol. The carpets need to be shampooed. So much food stains, but at least it's not littered with toys and whatnot anymore. Well.. the pic of Zoe's room looks a little messy, but I've been having her clean it before bed every night. She wrecked it tonight (took out almost all of her stuffed animals from her closet) and spent a good 40mins cleaning. Well.. cleaning and whining about it.. saying her hands were tired of cleaning :\ Yeah.... now you know how I feel child.

DH took out the coffee tablet from the sunroom and put it in Oren's room. It takes away a good bit of space from his small room, but it's ok in there for now since he's still in his crib and will be in a toddler bed for a few more years. Plus it gets rid of the clutter from the family area and frees up more space for them to play. Also the little door/house thing by his crib that leads to the 2 bins of toys.. he loves going in there and trying to hide lol. Would like to get some light fabric sheet to try to make him some kind of fort or something.
And finally... DH got some home decorating done while he's been off. We bought a Star Wars canvas print for our Xmas present. We didn't buy them mounted so DH did it himself. He did a pretty good job. Didn't measure it quite right but it looks good lol.
He made the frames and put that up along w/ the Darth Vader 3d light thing that we've had for a while.
To put that stuff up though, he had to take down my design... thing. Oh well... plenty of walls left to do something else on if I feel the need to :)

So... seems as though I'm getting my period. OR well.. I don't think it is. Seems more like wonky hormonal bleeding b/c it's not heavy at all. Spotty and feels more dischargy than anything.
Not sure why it started. Maybe b/c my milk supply dropped so that somehow signaled my body to start a period or something? /shrugs

Poor Ezra isn't gonna know what to do with having to drink formula. He does NOT like what we're feeding him. He'll drink it down, but will literally whine and cry the entire time he's eating it (which is hilarious and cute).
Think we'll try a different one. He didn't seem to mind the newborn one that we were first using. So might try to find it and use it. Like mix it half and half with what we already have so it doesn't go to waste lol.

He's currently crying his little butt off in the room right now. Seems like it might be gas or something b/c he'll try to go to sleep but a few mins later will start back up crying. I'm sure it's probably the formula causing some belly aches. Poor baby :( Wish I could pump out enough to just give him milk, but mommy's boobies just don't work that well.

The other 2 kiddos are doing well. Getting at eachother's throats a bit more, but overall they're ok lol.
It's mostly Zoe whining and wanting it all. Oren plays with something, she wants it and takes it which makes him cry.
He sits in 'her' spot that she wasn't sitting in at all..... she whines and cries about it.
So frustrating and it's only gonna get worse once Ezra starts moving and trying to join in. Joy lol.

Oren has a little temper though. He doesn't bite thankfully... but he does throw and hit. He gets mad.. he throws or pushes something over or off of a table. If he gets mad at her, he throws something at her.
Sigh...... always get on to him about not throwing and make him pick up whatever. Need to start implementing a time-out when he does it. That might help.

His vocabulary seems to be getting bigger now too. And pretty sure he's just started telling us when he's pooped his diaper. Not sure when we'll bust out the potty. Maybe after his 2y checkup and we get to talk to his ped about his gross poos. Not sure she'll be able to do anything for him, but those poops are not something I'm looking forward to cleaning up after.

Zoe is a whiner. UUUUUUGH so much whining!!! I really hope she grows out of that by the time she starts school. No one likes a whiner and I want her to have friends damnit! lol
Really need to get her to wipe her own butt too. Teach her some modesty when she uses the bathroom lol. She's so used to just going with the door wide open. Don't think that will go down well in school :P

I have considered homeschooling. Lord help my patience and sanity. I just don't think I'm equipped emotionally to do it though. I would rip my hair out. Even though the thought of having to wake up early to take her to school makes me want to cry.... being in charge of teaching her school stuff... yeah no. See... School stuff.... that's what I just called it. I should not be in charge of my children's education! :P
Plus going to school will socialize her and just get her out of the house a little. She's cooped up in here all the time. She needs to go out and do stuff and hang out with other kids.

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