Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nothing new, just wanted to post

Just wanted to post some more since I cut the other one short.
Oh I don't remember what else I wanted to post about, but here I am anyway lol.

I did end up going to Walmart after DH got home from church. I needed my soda fix, plus I wanted to pick up some fried chicken for dinner.
Welp... got the soda... but that walmart's deli section was completely closed :\
There's a Publix on the way home and I love their chicken so I stopped there and grabbed an 8 piece. A little pricey, but tasty as heck. If it didn't cost so much (7.99), I would've gotten another one.

It's starting to get messy again. Slowly this time, but surely. Zoe will pick up, but always seems to overlook something so those overlooked spots just keep multiplying.
Will need to fix that.

Since DH is off tomorrow, think I may hop on the elliptical. Maybe watch some anime on Netflix. See if I can get in to anything again.
I used to like anime and like what I've seen, it's just... I dunno... nothing appeals to me when I see all of them listed. I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever I watch. Just needs to be dubbed.
Yes yes I know... anime enthusiasts don't like dubbed, but I don't want to have to worry about reading while trying to exercise.

So... we went to the Korean store Saturday. Bought mostly good stuff, but did buy a 4 pack of those Korean fire noodle challenge. THink I'm going to try it tonight lol. Will come back later and give an update on how it was :P I like spicy, but not too spicy which I'm sure that stuff is.

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