Friday, January 20, 2017

Welp.... today's the day

Come on.. be truthful.
10 years ago, if you told people that Donald Trump was going to be POTUS... they would've laughed at you right in your face and called you crazy.
Feels like the Twilight Zone right now lol.
I'm not gonna hate though. Sure, he really needs to stop tweeting and saying stupid shit every time someone criticizes him, but I hope he does a good job. I hope people on both sides stop bickering with one another like a bunch of immature twats and actually do something positive... even if it's little... to help our world on to a better path.
And damnit... I want the governments of the world to just admit that aliens are real and here already!!
Yes.. I took it there... caught ya off guard didn't I? :P lol
But dang.. how cool would that be? Sure... people would be pissed that a secret like that was withheld, but damn.. we can't even get along with eachother... ask folks to get along with an alien race? Pfft....
Still though.... I wanna see aliens and have confirmation that we're not alone in this giant universe we're floating in.

Aliens damnit.... ALIENS!!!!!!!!!

With that weirdness aside...

DH said that the scale is already down 4lbs for him. YAY :) SO happy for him :) It's pretty crazy how bloated junk food makes you. Even if it's stuff you make from scratch.. it's just not good for your body. Good for those taste buds though...... sigh... lol
Wonder what my weight will be at weigh in on Monday. Was thinking about doing it every other week, but I'm kinda impatient. Maybe it will be that sometimes, but right now... weekly will do hehe.

 I'm actually not craving anything too badly. Did see an article that had some good popcorn recipes on there and it made me want some caramel popcorn.... sigh.. I still want some.....
But really.. other than that.. I'm not craving sweets too much.
I am hungry a lot though which always happens the first week or so when we start eating better.
Fixed fruit smoothies last night which was awesome, but not really filling in the long run so I snacked on some salami slices.
Fruit smoothie contained a little bit of milk, some frozen mixed berries.. strawberries, black berries, blueberries. And also some frozen fruit.... pineapple, mango, peaches... and 2 bananas.
Zoe really likes it. Forgot all about the flax meal in the fridge. Next time I'll be adding that to it for an extra healthy kick :)

I have been craving more fire noodles and today.. I had some more. YUM!!
My lips are currently burning, but it's not a horrible burn and is quickly easing up.
Been thinking about these noodles since the first time I ate them. They're SO damn tasty and good if you like spicy. 85g of carbs in a pack though. Yikes.
But I'm keeping fridays as a free day so.. whatever. I'll try to make up for it a little at dinner depending on where we go ;)

Seriously, if you like ramen and spice... I recommend giving these a try... even just to say you did try it. The flavor is yummy!

Hair update.... I think that deep conditioning stuff was ok. My ends still feel dry, but I think that's just not going to get any better b/c of the damage bleaching did to it.
The rest of my hair felt soft and smooth though.
That Mane n Tail shampoo... I'm on the fence about though. Used it again yesterday and... it left an unclean feeling on my hair after using it. It's deep moisturizing and I think whatever is in it that's supposed to do that is what is causing that feeling. Do not like. My hair feels fine though... it's just right after shampooing when it felt all... gross.

And after using the curl conditioner on Zoe a few more times.. I think it does bring out the few curls she has. The detangling spray... still not sure about, but it doesn't leave any kind of film on her hair so... meh. I'll keep using it until it's gone. Not sure I'll buy it again though.

Think there was something else but... oh well :)

Hope everyone has a great day :D

Oh I forgot... my milk supply just keeps decreasing for no reason. No idea what's going on, but I guess my body is just saying a big ole NOPE to making milk. At least that will make it easier to quit.
Poor Ez... he's getting used to formula, but you can tell just by how eagerly he drinks the milk that he likes it better.. and I know it doesn't matter in the long run, but dangit.. that makes me happy that I could provide that for him.. at least for a little while.

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