Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yum yum

Food pics..... Yeah... I'm becoming one of those annoying people... actually, I'm just taking pics of everything. I'm a visual person and I'm here all day.. so why not take photos of everything I talk about. Especially since I'm not a good writer... at all.... so some visuals would help :P lol

First up... I'm in love with these 2 sauces. Got them from the Korean store and was hoping for something different than what they are, but still happy with the flavor. Same company that makes sriracha and yep.. tastes like it too. I don't think these are as spicy... but the flavor is still there. SO good. I could eat this stuff on everything and damnit.. I'm gonna try!
The flavors of these 2 are pretty similar. Just one has a slightly more garlic flavor to it than the other, but basically exactly the same. Oh well..

We got our Star Wars clock yesterday! WOO! It's so neat. It's a design carved from a record. So it's not very big, but still very cool :D Think it was $20something with free shipping. Did ship from China, but still came a little sooner than expected. There are a TON of designs (on Amazon), that you can pick from. Star Wars, Batman, Beauty & the Beast, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc etc. Really recommend giving these things a look (you could probably look up vinyl record clock and it will bring up everything) if you need a clock and want something pretty darn awesome. The only negative is that the clock face w/ the numbers and that design in the middle is just a sticker lol. Not a huge deal really considering the fairly low price though.

DH put up some more photos yesterday :D We had SO many frames needing to be put up.. like from when Zoe was a baby lol. He's such a procrastinator, but hey.. at least he's putting them up now :)
We're actually going to need more frames now. :D

And just b/c.... my little cutie keeping me company (and fighting sleep gums and nails) while the other 3 are at church.


Diet is coming along. Dinner friday was a bit more bad than I thought it would be lol. We didn't go out with family so.... we got pizza :P Delicious pizza. Lots of leftovers for the kids though :D
I also fixed some homemade caramel popcorn. Thankfully for my diet... it didn't turn out well lol. Flavor was fine, but I'm still not entirely used to the stove yet so I cooked the caramel a little too long on too high of a temp so it got more candied than it should've gotten.
Instead of being gooey and chewy, it was chewier but hard... like the type of candy that pulls out your fillings.
I couldn't eat a lot of it b/c I hated it getting all in my teeth and not being able to chew it and just.. nope. Not for me.
Oh well.... my mess up was a blessing in disguise lol.

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