Friday, January 13, 2017

Free? Yes please!

Ok, so looking at the beachbody streaming thing more.... yeah.. that's gonna have to be a no from me.
I don't think it's that expensive, BUT I thought you had access to all of their videos, but that's not the case.
You do have access to a lot, but not all of them. And of course the one that I was eyeballing (the new dance one called Cize).... isn't available unless you pay for it first or something.
So nope nope nope :(

BUT looking around youtube, I quickly found POPSUGAR Fitness videos. All free and seems to be really well made and lots of variety WITH beginner videos! WOO! :D
Already put a few of the dance videos on a playlist. Totally out of my fitness and dance range, but I'm gonna give them a try.. eventually :D Would really like dance workouts. I can't dance for shit, but they look fun and it looks like something I won't get bored with quickly like regular ones. And b/c I cn't dance, maybe it will help motivate me to keep doing it so I get better at dancing.
YAY free!!

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