Thursday, January 26, 2017

So.... that's it then...

Going to turn in the pump before the 10th of next month which means... I'm going to pump as usual until probably Saturday, and then next week will be dedicated to reducing my supply until it dries up... at least that's the plan.
Really really hoping to avoid the pain and engorgement when I finally stop pumping.

Sigh... mixed feelings about it. Glad to not be stuck to a pump and being able to just throw away all the pump parts and being done with that part of raising a baby, but also sad that... it's not going to be my body providing for Ezra anymore.
If I pumped a normal amount to where he was still mostly getting breastmilk, I would do it for as long as possible, but... since that's not the case and he's getting more formula now than milk... it's time to stop.
I did what I could and it's time to finish up that small chapter in his and my life.

Diet is still going pretty well. Not craving junk too badly. There are moments when I REALLY want something bad, but it passes and then I'm fine.
I am looking forward to tomorrow though lol. Eating some bad carbs and not worrying about it too much.
We really don't have a lot of bad food in the house. We have some small candy canes left which don't tempt me at all... 3 packs of the fire noodles... which always call my name lol... and some baking ingredients I could use to make something delicious lol. But really nothing else. So at least there's that to keep the cheating from going overboard.

I have been cheating a bit with weighing myself. Hard to break a bad habit. I haven't been doing it as much as I normally would, but I have weighed myself here and there.
Like yesterday... I know I was bloated b/c I was gassy like crazy (I am today too.... I know you wanted to know that!)... so got curious and weighed myself. It's a continuing battle though to keep myself from stepping on the scale all the time. Just another work in progress :)

There's someone in Oren's mommy group that is losing weight too. She's lost about 13lbs in less than a month which is awesome for her. But... not sure how she's doing it.
Someone asked her, but then she responded to them with that she'll message them about it.
Why? You want to make it public that you're losing weight... but then don't want to publicly say how? Makes me think she's using some fad-y weight loss supplement or something that she can recommend to people.. they use her name to get a discount and blahblah scam.
Well... not really scam scam, but just another way for the diet industry to prey on the desperate.
But hey.. whatever she's doing... keep at it.. just hope it's safe!

UUUUUUUUUUUUGH, it's probably going to be another GD week or longer before DH gets his CPAP machine.
He was supposed to get it yesterday, but apparently all of those papers he filled out were fucking pointless b/c the office didn't have it and has to get it from some other place and needs to get permission? to get it and insurance and blahblah bullshit.
You know... shit they should've had dealt with prior to his appointment b/c he filled out all of the GD paperwork!! Why even ask him where he wants to get his machine from (he said them......) if they're not going to bother looking at what he wrote???
Just so frickin pissed off about that crap.

Oren is doing good with his finger. I changed it yesterday and not even 10mins later.. I had to change it again b/c once again.. he was playing in the toilet. He doesn't have access to the bathrooms unless someone forgets to close the door or gate.. and of course Zoe forgot.. or more like.. she herself was busy playing with the sink and left the door open for him /grumble
Thankfully this time it wasn't pee water, but still gross.
Other than that though, he's been really good at not picking at the bandaging and trying to get it off.
Oh and for his trip to the hospital... they gave him a cute little teddy bear dressed as a monkey stuffed animal :D Of course have to keep Zoe from stealing it, but how cute is that?

Zoe is doing well too... well.. minus all of the GD whining.
I can't help but laugh at myself. Thinking back to when she was a newborn and just feeling this infinite amount of patience with her.... lol.. yeah... no. I have no patience any longer... especially with whining. Good lord.... is there anyone that can deal with whining?? SO MUCH.... WHINING!! Even if it's just to ask for me to fill up their water..... it's whining. I keep trying to tell her to stop whining, but she does it anyway. Good lord I hope she grows out of it.
She's a good kid though. She's been mostly keeping up with cleaning up and earning her quarters. Well.. not for the past couple of days. Will have to straighten up in the living room and Oren's room b/c they're getting a bit on the messy side and the floors NEED to be cleaned this weekend.

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