Monday, January 30, 2017

Well..that sucks

Weigh in today was... 219. So it went back up 2lbs. I kind of expected it b/c I've been a little bloated, but it still sucked to see.
I haven't been cheating or anything like that. I mean.. my cheats on Friday were a bit more so maybe that's what caused the bloating? /shrugs
Was hoping for at least the same 217 I saw last week. But hey... 219 is still less than my starting weight so there's that :)

I'm going to try harder to get in at least a little bit of exercise. It's supposed to be nice out tomorrow and Wednesday. Going to try to clear the garden space and get all of that done for my light exercise.

This is going to be a long journey, but I at least want to get it going and not stall out lol. I can at least attempt to not be so lazy :P
Diet is ok.. just gotta get this booty moving!!

Going to have to do CIO with Ezra I think which I hate.
Me feeding him while I pumped has gotten him in to the habit of it and now we gotta break him of it :(
Now that I won't be pumping at night anymore.. sigh.. he's just gonna have to get used to it and hopefully start sleeping through.
And woo boy... my milk supply is dropping fast. My boobs are in a constant state of feeling like they need to be pumped and like this burning sensation, but it's not quite at that painful engorged feeling. Sometimes some parts of my boobs get sore from what I'm guessing is a very full part w/ milk, but I try to massage those parts when I am pumping to loosen it up and release which seems to help.
Manual pumping of course isn't draining my breasts so I'm not getting a ton. Last night before bed, I only got just over 2oz.. the night before, just before bed, I got over 4... so yeah... supply is going quickly.
Like I said though, if I can pump him a bottle a day for now, that will make me happy. If it goes less then that's fine too since it just means my boobs are drying up quick.
I just really want to avoid those few days of painful engorgement that happens when you quit cold turkey. Horrible awful days of boob pain that you cant really do anything about.

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