Monday, January 23, 2017

Taking Oren to the ER

So, DH took Oren to the ER.
I'll back it up a bit. I was sitting here pumping after waking up.
Zoe and Oren head to his closet b/c that's where they like to go to pretend they're having a sleepover or camping.
I don't think anything of it.
I hear the door close and right after hear Oren start crying. I think either she locked him out or bonked him with the door.
He keeps crying though so I get up after about a minute to check what's going on.
I open the door and she's just sitting there and he's standing there crying. Still don't think anything is wrong so I come back to finish pumping.
Oren is following me and still crying. So I sit and he comes over for some snuggles. I hug on him and when he pulls away, that's when I see some blood on his chin.
Of course I freak out and wonder where the heck it's coming from. And that's when I see his finger.
Apparently his finger was smooshed in the closet door accidentally.
And it's gross.....
Imagine a rounded surface.. like a ball... and you place something flat on it.. like a plate. That's how his nail looked. The part that should've been under the skin was out and it was all bloody.

It's not bleeding a lot thankfully. I grab the nearest tissue and head to the bathroom while applying pressure to his finger.
Call DH b/c I'm freaking out and not sure what to do. He tells me to call his doc. I put a band-aid on his finger and call up his doc office.
They only have a 2:50 appointment at the earliest (I'm calling them at around 9 or so in the morning).... I make the appointment and hang up. DUH....
Forgot to ask them what to do in the meantime. So I call them back and the nurse tells me to just bandage it as best I can and try to do it in a way that prevents him from really using that hand.
So I grab one of my nursing pads, wrap that around his hand and use some medical tape to secure it.
It worked though b/c he really didn't use the hand very much.
I also gave him some tylenol too which helped tremendously.
Once that kicked in, he was acting like his normal self.. just with one hand.

So DH comes home early and we take him to his doc.
Well this doc (not his usual one) says that it looks like the door closed on it right behind the nail bed which caused it all to pop out and that the laceration looks a bit deep and where it is... he wants to call a pediatric orthopedist to see what they suggest.
We're hoping they'll tell us it's all fine and just send us home with some ointment, but nope...
Get told that we should take him to the ER so they can take a better look at his finger to make sure that nothing is worse than it looks.
So yeah.... DH dropped me and the other 2 kids off and took Oren to the ER. He's probably just getting there now.
They called the ER for us to tell them he was on his way, so hoping that will make the wait a little less. We'll see though.
Just hope that his finger is ok. Some nurse in the pediatric office really needs to check that connection between her brain and mouth.
While we were waiting on them to come back with some ointment for his finger, she comes in and tells us that the ER should see us sooner rather than later since they'll want the flesh to be fresh and still viable just in case they have to cut the tip of his finger off.
Seriously woman?? That's what you're going to say right now?? We just thought it was going to be a simple... ew gross, his nail is going to call off but everything should be fine... injury.. not a frickin... he'll need the tip of his finger amputated :(

So yeah... haven't heard back from DH yet obviously, but hoping it will be good news. Poor Oren :( I feel so awful. I know accidents are going to happen and this was just a freak one, but... damn... still feel so bad that I couldnt do anything about it.

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