Saturday, January 28, 2017

No electric pumping

So, I got up to pump last night like I usually do and.... only pumped for about 10mins before stopping. Pretty much how long Ez took to drink his bottle.
I wanted to go longer... I wanted to keep pumping how I normally do, but no. I said I was going to stop and I need to.
It's bumming me out more than I thought it would though :( Actually get tears in my eyes at the thought of stopping now that that moment is here. Sigh...
This morning when I woke up... I used the manual pump and only did it just enough to relieve some of the pain from my boobs (which really wasn't a lot).
Just got done manually pumping again, but did it for a little longer and managed to pump 4oz. So I think I'll do that. Manually pumping is a little annoying with the horrible design of the Medela one...
(this one)
But... hey.. it worked good enough and really wasn't too bad to use and is going to allow me to dry up slower and hopefully with less pain :)
I would still be using the electric pump and probably dropping down to 3 pumps a day (which I may do), but Oren has an appointment this coming Wednesday for his finger at the hospital that we rent the pump from so want DH to take it in then (so I don't have to later lol)

Kind of debating with myself right now. If I can manually pump out a bottle a day for him... that would be great and I wouldn't mind continuing that for however long. I know my supply will drop dramatically, but depending on how much... we'll see.

I remember feeling so guilty when I stopped pumping with the other 2, but this time.. it's 10x worse. I just don't want to give it completely up..... just yet.
I do want to get rid of the middle of the night pump though.... that can go right on back to no sleep hell where it belongs! :P lol

Zoe's going to the circus today. Wasn't planning on it, but her cousin is going and MiL wants to take her. Whatever... last chance to see Ringling Brothers I guess so why not. I'm sure she'll love it and hopefully will be a great memory she'll hold on to for a long time :)

Oren's finger is doing fine. Looks a little gooey, but to me.. it doesn't look infected or anything. Still difficult trying to keep him from getting it too dirty or wet, but that just comes with the territory when dealing with toddlers.

Doubting I'll be cleaning the carpets today. I just don't feel up to it right now. I may paint part of the wall (where the bar counter top is) with the chalkboard paint that we bought. Was thinking about only doing part of it, but will probably just be easier to do that entire area since I'm sure none of the kids will stay inside of it. They're going to love it. Get to write on the wall and we let them? Heck yeah! lol

That's it for now.... I'm sure there was something else, but brain is malfunctioning

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