Thursday, January 19, 2017

Come on body.. get with the program!

So I didn't exercise yesterday and doubt I will today.
I feel a little bad about it, but with how out of shape I am and how I'm in this for the long haul... I'm ok with it too. This isn't going to be an overnight change... although I wish it was.
Still going to exercise, but going to take it slow so I don't burn out like I have before.
Right now b/c I'm so out of shape and because my sleep is so shit right now... I need some extra time to recover and to just take it easy to begin with. Exercise will pick up and eventually, I'll be kicking some butt 4-5 days out of the week. Maybe more if I find something I really enjoy doing :)

Right now.. my calf muscles are still sore.. and now.. so is my left side ribs. WTH? That didn't hurt yesterday, but suddenly like right before bed.. it started aching. I didn't do anything to it. Didn't tweak it weird.. didn't sleep on it weird... nada.
I couldn't sleep on that side or stretch certain ways last night in bed b/c it would make the area ache more.

Diet is coming along pretty ok. Being strict but not SO strict is going great.
I made homemade fried chicken breasts last night.. and YUM! Even with the breading and the banana I had.. I'm sure my carbs still didn't go over 100g yesterday.
Sweet tooth is pretty calm right now too. I'm still craving sweets, which eating a banana or apple or some sugar free jello has been helping, but other than that.. I haven't really been jonesing for it as much as I thought I would. WOO! :D
Same with carbs. I'll come back to that in another week or 2 and see how that's going :P lol I'm sure I'll be wishing for some real pasta instead of zoodles :P lol

But yeah... slow achy start, but I'm good so far :)

Now I don't want to knock religion... although I'm sure what I'm about to say will sound like it.
I just don't like the way it's taught. It sounds SO cultish and brainwashy to me.
Zoe goes to Awana on Wednesdays. It's some church club thing. I had to do her lesson for the week with her. It's just reading her a story and then getting her to memorize a verse.
Just the way it kept saying to "OBEY... OBEY... OBEY!!!!" just totally rubs me the wrong way.
Obey Jesus!! Jesus is your everything! You're all sinners and must OBEY Jesus! JESUS JESUS JESUS!!!
Now.. people can worship whatever they want, but... there isn't a better way to do it?? Spread the love and support of a religion, but how about toning down the cult-like part of it some huh?
This is why I'll never be a religious person... I just can't with that.

Alrighty.... Oren and Ez are napping and Zoe is watching her tablet. Time for this momma to try to get a few snoozes in before the needy ones wake up :P lol

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