Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So far? Meh.. ok

F- me.... I had a nice long post typed out and with a misclick of some buttons... all gone. GDI!!!!

Anyway... paraphrasing....
Diet is going pretty well. Not super strict which I'm happy about. DH and I both have A LOT of weight to lose and I think not going so strict is going to help with longevity. We won't feel so deprived of the junk that we love lol.

I'm also not going to be setting up specific goals with a set time. I mean there's the reward for when we both lose 50lbs, but we're not giving a time limit on that.
Like before, I would say... 50lbs by Christmas! And when that rolls around and I still haven't lost anything.. I'd get discouraged.
So no more specific goals. My goal now is just to lose weight and get healthy... however long that takes. Of course I'm hoping the weight comes off quick though ;) lol

Just changed Ez's diaper. Didn't realize he was still in the process of pooping. Nothing like having to catch the poop as it's coming out. YUCK. Thankfully it wasn't watery and thankfully I had at least a thin baby wipe barrier lol.

Not sure about exercise today. My calf muscles are so sore and my soreness tends to get worse as the day goes on. May try a dance workout if I find a good low impact one. Or I may just rest today.
I did sleep better last night, but with my sleep not being so great, I may need extra time for my body to really recover.
But I think I'm gonna aim for doing something low impact and hopefully fun :)

And finally a rant. Had a longer one typed out, but oh well...
I'm done with my brother. Just done. He's an asshole, loser, pathological liar that thinks everyone is a moron. He thinks he's smarter than everyone else, but everyone can see right past his bullshit. I think that's why he never wants to be around anyone, especially me, b/c he knows I don't buy any of the crap that comes out of his mouth.
I think SiL knows just how much of a loser he is but maybe is in denial about the extent of it or maybe she's just accepted it and feels trapped or... who knows.
She needs to leave him though and he needs to just fucking disappear. Not saying die.. lol, I'm not a psycho... but he needs to just go away and fuck right off and either change his ways or die a lonely and pathetic old man.
With the way he's going... he's going to lose his family. With the way he is and what he's done... he should.
He's losing me.... he's hell bent on fucking up his relationship with our mom... and with our dad... who knows.
I love my brother, but there comes a point when love just isn't enough anymore and you have to see the person for what they really are and my brother is not a good person.
He used to be...or at least... not as shitty and then... I dunno WTF happened to him. I don't know why he is the way he is. Maybe b/c of our dad. I know my dad is pretty much the same way. Thinks he's smarter than everyone else, but again.. everyone can see past the bullshit and lies.
A part of me hopes that SiL leaves him and takes the kids. I think inlaws have a house that they could stay at if need be. Or hell, just kick him out of that house. Maybe that would make him clean up his act, but I doubt it b/c..... he's a loser. He'd try lying to get them back.
Just... ugh.
I'm not saying anything to either of them though. I want to... lord do I want to..... but it's not my place. All I can do is rant about it here and if SiL reaches out.. I'll be here to listen.

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