Friday, December 30, 2016

Random messiness

Random photos incoming! :D

Did I ever post the canopy thing we bought for Zoe's bed? I can't remember. If not.. here it is. We got it from the 2nd hand shop, Once Upon a Child, for 10 or 12 dollars. I think it's a great deal :D It has stars on it and everything that matches her room perfectly.
And she's keeping her room clean! YAY! I cleaned the heck out of it the other day. Put all of her stuffed animals in her closet (she's already taken some out though.. sigh). Put everything up etc etc. Decluttered the crap out of it and thankfully so far, she's keeping it pretty clean. Trying to keep that going and get her to clean it before she goes to bed.

The sunroom. I swear.. I really do clean. You can't tell it by the photos... but I do. I promise /cry
There's little pieces of paper everywhere. Got Zoe this "Scissors practice" thing for kids. I was buying stuff off of amazon for Christmas and saw it and thought she'd like it. And boy does she. She went to town on the paper in that book and it's all over the damn place.

The living room mess. I dunno why I want to show it off b/c damn is it messy and SO cluttered! Again.. I promise that I clean. It WAS clean before Christmas and then Christmas happened and all of that cleaning just went right out the window. Sigh. Never ending struggle. 
Ok.. now I see why those people on those HGTV shows always freak out when they see toys in the living room lol. Not all of us have room for play rooms though. Gosh, I wish we did.

The kidlettes being cute :D Ezra spending some time on the floor and the older ones following me in to the bathroom as usual.
I did have the privilege of holding Ezra while he pooped and did his poop faces. That was gross and hilarious lol That was one of the stinkiest baby poops I've ever witnessed though. Holy crap child. I know what you're eating.. so why the heck does your poop smell like you've been feasting on zombie assholes??

And I've been wanting to buy some different hair products recently. Since I started shampooing again, my hair has been so dry and frizzy looking/feeling and just a giant tangled mess. Plus Zoe's hair is always in some sort of tangled rat's nest phase.
Bought this brush that had some big print on the package that said it was a detangler.
Think it was on sale for $3 something at Kroger.
Did it work? Yes... yes it does work and it works great!
Ignore the stain on the towel. It's just some pink hair dye from when I last touched up my hair lol.
Anywho, I usually avoid brushing my hair right after showering b/c even though I just conditioned it, it was still feeling super tangled and matted. I used this last night and had absolutely no problems brushing my hair. Awesome awesome purchase. Oh and please ignore my hair in the brush. Did not think to clean it out before taking a photo. Oops.... My hair is still coming out like crazy. Thanks post partum hairloss!! /grumble

Trying out new conditioners for myself and Zoe.
Only used them once last night and so far so good. The repair one is for myself since my hair is damaged from bleaching.
My hair feels pretty nice today. Smooth and healthy. I was hoping the one for curls for Zoe would enhance her curls a little more, but meh. They did for like a split second. Her hair is a mixture of wavy w/ curls at the bottom and straight so I wasn't expecting ringlets or anything lol.
Well, looking at her hair now... it does look like her curls are slightly... very slightly more apparent, but that's it. This stuff might work better if you have curlier hair /shrugs

I also used some of this in my hair.
First time using oil.
My hair used to get SO incredibly greasy super fast so the thought of putting more oil in my hair sounded ludicrous to me.
Not sure if it helped or if it's both the conditioner and this stuff, but again, my hair feels amazing today. My ends are still a bit dry feeling so next time I use this I'll try to get more on the ends to see if there's a difference. But overall I'm really happy with it. I applied it right after the shower.. so on to very wet hair.
Doesn't feel like I put anything extra in my hair or anything which is something else I was afraid of. No heaviness at all to this stuff which is great!
This little bottle only cost a dollar at Kroger. They had a bigger bottle of the stuff, but I didn't want to spend too much on something I wasn't sure I'd use again.

And yep.. that's it for the random stuff lol. I think the next time I want to change shampoo and conditioner, I'm gonna get that Mane and Tail stuff or whatever it's called. I keep seeing it in articles and how great it is. If we go to Walmart any time soon and it's a decent price, I'll pick some up :)

OH!! And one big piece of news... well.. big deal for me :D
That flonase or however it's spelled nasal spray that DH got prescribed it fucking AWESOME!!
He started doing 2 sprays per nostril which seems to be the magical amount.
Oh.. he still snores, but it's not that snorty apnea type any longer and he's also not snoring in every single position he lays in any longer. WOO!!! Momma is getting some snore free sleep again!! YAY!

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