Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What we use most/like now...

Figured I should update the list of the things we're using the most now.

Infant bathtub- Yep, we use it every other day to bath Zoe. It's still a big awkward plastic thing, but oh well.

Wipes Warmer- Still love it, BUT it does have a bad habit of drying out the top wipes so we have to open it up and flip the stack so we can get to the wet ones.

Footie PJs- ONLY the ones w/ buttons going down both legs. Whoever thought that a zipper down one leg, or buttons down one leg is an IDIOT. It is annoying and frustrating as hell trying to get a squirming baby's leg back in to one of those things. I'm about to go through all of them and give away all of those.
So yeah, if you're buying for your future baby or someone elses... buy footie pjs w/ buttons down both legs. Remember that.. BOTH legs! No matter how cute it is.... BOTH LEGS lol

Bibs & Burp Clothes- We go through them like crazy. With her drool and the spit up... yeah... we have a drawer just for all of the ones we have.

Activity mat- LOVE it!! Now that Zoe has an exersaucer & jumper now, we don't use it as much, but she still loves laying there and playing with her toys.

Crib Mobile- It doesn't hold her attention like it did when we first got it, but Zoe still does love watching it. There are flaws with the one we bought but oh well.

Sleep sack- Not the ones w/ the elastic hole at the bottom, but an actual closed sac with sleeves or arm holes. Zoe will often kick off or squirm out from under her blanket which isn't good b/c it's cold so having the sleep sack on her helps to keep her warm if that happens.

Rock N Play- Still using it for her naps. We did have to buy another boppy head pillow thing for it b/c the RnP is pretty hard and wasn't helping her flat head any.

Blankets- When we were gifted all of the blankets for her... we didn't think we'd ever use them all. But we were wrong. We've used them all at least a few times each. Having a few too many comes in handy when there is spit up or drool all over a couple of them that need to be washed.

White noise machine- No idea if it helps her, but we use it anyway heh. We don't really use the projection thing w/ it any longer though.

Humidifier- With all of the windows closed and the heater going, it is usually super dry in the house. We have one going in her room every night.

I'm sure there are a few things I'm forgetting....

Things we don't use/like now...

The swing- Honestly we haven't used it in a while. Zoe may enjoy it if we did..... hmm I may try her in it again soon just to see.

Bouncy chair- Again, haven't tried her in it in a while. I just don't see it holding her attention for too long though.

Bumbo seat- The last time I put her in to it, she did the stretch thing in it and almost tipped herself over lol. She was on the floor so she didn't have far to go :P But yeah, we just don't use it.

The big oversized stroller- To be fair, there were a few instances where we probably should've used it, but that was only 2 times and we got by without it just fine. We do want to sell it at the consignment place and find a smaller one.

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