Wednesday, November 28, 2012

16 weeks

Really?? 4 months already?
Hmmm nothing really going on from the last time I posted.
Zoe still fights her naps tooth and nail. I have to let her cry for a min or so and then give her her pacifier and usually she'll calm and go to sleep. She is one stubborn little girl lol.

Her diapers have been leaking at night too. I think it's jsut because she's peeing so much. Even doubling stuffing her diapers isn't working. Not sure what we can do since she's been sleeping through the night. Def dont want her to wake up.
Maybe using one of the larger diapers would help. We'll see.


unaffected said...

Wow, four months already?!! So crazy! Time sure does fly :)

Shari said...

It really does fly by and even more so when they hit the year mark. Sometimes I want time to slow down, but to watch all the progress is a ton of a fun.

Loved all the outfits that you got the other day!