Thursday, November 29, 2012

Almost mine again

Pump has to be turned in next week so I decided yesterday to reduce pumping to once a day.
My boobs were KILLING ME this morning, but that should only last for another day... at least I hope so.
I still didn't get that much out of them even though they hurt like hell. Damn bewbs.
Anyway... soon enough, my boobs will be just for show again :P

Still trying to figure out when I'm actually going to go turn the pump in. If I should get someone to watch Zoe for a little bit or take her with me. Think I'll get someone to watch her. I just can't carry her carrier around along with a big case w/ the pump in it.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Zoe is vocalizing more. It's mostly "OOOOOOs" but it's still adorable!!
We were watching Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the other night and she was watching it with us on her daddy's lap and she kept OOOing at the tv lol.

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