Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm breaking down

At least that's what my body feels like sometimes.
Last night for instance. I started to get exhausted by around 7pm when we were out with family for dinner.
We went to Target after to pick up some rice cereal and new nipples. Well we spent at least an hour in Target looking at baby stuff and picking up some presents for my neices (brother's girls).
That about killed me! I was ready to lay down in the store and snooze.
Well we got home at a little past 8:30. We fed Zoe some breastmilk with half a tablespoon of rice cereal mixed in. She had only eaten an hour before so she only drank half of it.
Zoe did NOT want to go to bed. She fought tooth and nail until she finally cried herself to sleep at 9:30.
Thankfully DH was taking care of it, but still, hearing her fuss that much just drained the life out of me even more.
We went to bed at 10... and I woke up at 11:30 with my head pounding. Took some tylenol and thankfully that worked after a while.

I thought Zoe would sleep at least until 4, maybe 5 since she went to bed later. PFFFFT nope!
Girl woke up at frickin 1:30! UUUUUUGH I put a pacifier in her mouth while I went to make her a bottle. Came back and she was fast asleep. WOO!
Yeah right.... she woke up again at 2, then 2:30 when I gave up and just fed her.
Thankfully she went to sleep after kinda quick so it wasn't that bad.
She woke up at 7:30 so that was nice... I put the pacifier in her mouth again and laid back down. It was only 30 more minutes before she woke again but it was nice to at least have that.

I am SO pooped right now though and I've only been up for 2 hours.

In other better news though....
DH's friend's wife just stopped by and dropped off their son's exersaucer! WOOOOO!
That saves up 50+ dollars! YAY!
He's a few months older than Zoe and has outgrown it so now we have it. SO happy! I know Zoe is gonna love it. She's resisting a nap right now, but after she naps some she'll go in to it.


lisabttc said...

Aww :-( That sucks!! You poor thing. Hopefully today/tonight you can rest better.
Yay for a free exersaucer!! :-)

Shari said...

Being a parent is HARD work, especially this stage where the communication is very hard to understand. I now understand why people have kids in their early 20's....they are use to partying all night so lack of sleep is something they are used to. In your 30's, you become set in your ways and when a baby is born into the family it is a very hard adjustment. I feel for you! I keep waiting on getting caught up on sleep and I just don't think it will happen until they are 18 and move out of the house....LOL