Monday, November 19, 2012


I really like cloth diapering, but I also hate some of it too.
On one hand.... we're not having to spend a ton of money on disposables, but on the other... it is GROSS spraying out the poop.
The poo water gets EVERYWHERE and you gotta get over really quick that you're gonna be touching poop and where the poop just was when spraying. BLEH.

I dunno how something so cute and small can produce something so gross and STANK lol.

We've been giving Zoe juice for the last couple of days since starting the rice cereal to help keep her a bit regular and good lord... it makes her poo stank 10x worse than it was.

Went grocery shopping today. I hated going alone when we didn't have a baby, and it's worse with.
Mostly because I'm just a huge weakling that can barely carry around Zoe in her carseat lol.
Can't wait until she's sitting up on her own so we can just take her out of her carseat and put her in to the cart's seat.
Will make things a lot easier I think.

Diet is gone out the window for now.
I just got totally frickin fed up with not losing any weight so just said screw it until after thanksgiving.
I just don't understand what is keeping the weight on other than possibly the pumping. Maybe when that stops, the weight will start to come off. Good lord I hope so.
And then I could start taking metformin again too and I know that will help.

There was something else but I forgot...


SLESE1014 said...

Wait til you start her on solids....poop gets easier then...just kind of falls off the diaper....not too bad then...except of course when you get that one really yucky one...those are few and far between, at least for me.

It's SOOOO much easier when they can sit in the car. I got one of those cushy things to put in the seat, otherwise she gets kind of wobbly. When she gets tired though, sometimes I just lay her down in the seat and cover her with the cushy to keep her quiet.

lisabttc said...

LOL at all the stank poop! :-) It's interesting to read though. I see so many ladies now going the cloth route. I haven't decided what we would do yet.

I think it's cool to not worry about the diet for now. It's so hard when you have so much going on as it is + holidays. I hope it gets easier soon! And yeah, Metformin definitely helped me A LOT with that. :-)