Wednesday, November 21, 2012

15 weeks

15 weeks...
Has it really been that long? It's weird to think it's only been 15 weeks... I know I've said it before, but on one hand.. it has gone by quickly, and then in the other it feels like an eternity.

DH woke up with her last night. WOO! I still woke up when she did, but thankfully went back to sleep. Poor DH though. Baby girl is still fighting going back to sleep. I think since being in her nursery, there were 2 maybe 3 nights where she went back to sleep quickly....
She woke up at 2 and DH didn't get back in to bed until 3:40.
I really couldn't sleep in today. I think I got in 30 extra minutes. Oh well.

Zoe got a few new things today... or well, a few new used things :D
We went to Once Upon a Child (consignment shop) and bought her a few things. We went to look for a different exersaucer. We decided to just wait a little bit on getting another. Wait until she has a bit more control and then see what they have.

We ended up getting her 3 new outfits... well, 1 outfit and 2 PJs. And one of those door frame jumpers that was brand new. Love it!
My new fav store hehe

Alrighty, photos!

I'm getting my money's worth and then some out of her minnie mouse outfit lol


lisabttc said...

I love the minnie mouse outfit!! How adorable! Hey, I couldn't request you on facebook. I sent you another message on TWW.

3rdTimer said...

She is so cute!!Adorable! I'm having a girl too!