Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Night out

With the baby :P
We haven't gotten a night out by ourselves yet.

We went to the zoo last night to look at the Christmas lights. Zoe could've cared less lol. She did stay quiet for most of it though so I guess the lights were at least somewhat entertaining to her hehe.

She also got to see Santa! YAY! We didn't have her in her outfit. Too cold for that so she'll have to see him again to get better photos ;)

Here are a couple photos

See how excited she was??

And Santa.... I swear he was really nice, but this photo makes it look like he was snarling lol. Just a bad photo :P

Zoe could've cared less though, she was too focused on her Grandpa

And yeah that's it.... most of the animals were put up and Zoe slept for most of it so we didn't get too many photos.

Some bonus photos :D

Had to get a photo of Zoe in this cute outfit. It's a hand-me-down from one of DH's coworkers. Zoe was almost too big for it.

Saddest cuddly bear. It's a thick outfit and Zoe was not liking it at all :P She's gonna have to get over that though when it gets colder and we put her in it again. MUAHAHAHA

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lisabttc said...

CUTE! How fun!! Santa looks mean in that first pic LOL! I like the 2nd one :-)