Friday, November 16, 2012


Stupid fat needs to start dropping off already!!!
This is frustrating the hell out of me and I dunno what to do.
No I'm not exercising, but I should still be losing SOMETHING by now. I haven't been cheating, eating what I should, NOT overeating even on the good stuff and still frickin NOTHING.
I'm so disheartened right now and it sucks :(

Some women said that our screwy pregnancy and post partum hormones could cause weight gain or loss and once normalized might help. Yeah, that's IF mine normalize.... damn PCOS.
This sucks......

Oh and in other news that I forgot to mention... I'm starting to get less when pumping now. It takes A LOT of work to get close to what I was getting before. There isn't going to be any problem drying up my supply.
I dunno... it kinda makes me sad. While I can't wait to stop pumping, it is nice to be able to provide for my LO and it makes me sad that my supply is dwindling slowly.
Well, gonna be more than slowly once I start weaning from it even more.

I saw on that show The Doctors.. some woman has the world record for the most breastmilk donated. This woman donated I think it was 86 GALLONS of breastmilk in 14months. WHAAA?? Now that is supply +++++++
Good lord... I would be pumping like a mad woman if I had supply like that. Hell, Zoe would be enough BM stored to last her until she was a teenager! :P lol

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