Saturday, November 24, 2012


She's not even a year old... hell, she's not even half a year old yet and she's already spoiled rotten :P
She doesn't know it yet of course, but whatever :P

Boy... do not let DH and I in to the baby section of a store because we go CRAZY.
We went to Old Navy yesterday. It's right by Home Depot and I wanted to look at their cute knit baby hats.
Welp... this is what we bought there.

And of course all of the accessories that matched... hat, socks and pants

I blame DH for those. Yes I wanted the hat, but then he saw the matching outfits and just HAD to get them.

So today, we went to Babies R Us. I wanted to go to of course look at all of the clothes, but mostly wanted to go b/c they have a big selection of bottles and we needed to get larger bottles.
Anywho... we got some bottles... along with...

4 Long sleeve onesies... that DH picked out

A 6m size PJs that I picked
DH pick

DH again... with both of them... I couldn't say no to the Piglet outfit. We already have her Xmas stocking which has Piglet on it as well. If you're wondering why Piglet.... it's b/c she snorts when she cries so she's our little Piglet hehe

Some shoes.... we would not normally buy shoes since we think they're a waste of money, but they were buy 1 get one free and we were buying a pair for her Christmas outfit

And finally, her Christmas outfit. Don't even try to guess how much it was. It pains me to think about lol. It was on sale but yeah.... still.. just... ugh.
I picked out the furry cute jacket, DH picked the dress, we both like the beret and DH picked the shoes.
She's only going to wear this probably twice and that's it. Oh well... it's her first Christmas so we figured we could splurge on it all heh.
It's a lot cuter in person than it is in the photo.

Oh and the 3 outfits that we got from the consignment shop.

And bonus Zoe photos

Oh and I forgot to mention...
She STTN again last night! WOOOOO!


lisabttc said...

AWWW!! Such cute outfits!!!! She is too stinkin' adorable :-) I would have so much fun buying for her, too hehe. Yay for STTN!

Kellie Rose said...

Aww I have the same top outfit from Old Navy for Hannah!