Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

We went out today.
Thankfully it wasn't that bad, but still more people than I care to be around.

We first went to Home Depot and got a new washer and dryer. Will have that on Thursday, WOO!
But that was A LOT of money... ouch.
Then we went to Michaels so I could pick up some more embroidery thread... that was only a few dollars so not a big deal...
THEN, we went to Verizon to upgrade our phones. Now that was a BIG ouch. I swear these damn phone companies rip us off. Charges to change your plan, charges to change your phone, charges just for the hell of it. Good lord they suck every single frickin penny out of you for no damn reason.
I don't see how people can upgrade their phones every damn time a new one comes out, it's ridiculous how expensive it is.
No wonder I had the same phone for over 5 years.

We also went to a couple other places, but Home Depot and Verizon were the big ones. Good god I want to gag thinking how much more dept we just put ourselves in to.
Damn you Black Friday savings.... or well more like non-savings!!!!
We spent all of this money today and it was all for ourselves.. MUAHAHAHA :P

Anywho.... I def needed a phone upgrade... now I just have to figure out exactly how to use my phone. I can use my comp no problem but a smartphone? PFFFFT... I feel like an old geezer that has to get her grandkids to come and show her how to get on that internet thing :P

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