Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quick post

Once again, just posting really quick before I head to bed.
DH is off until Monday THANK GOODNESS. I can FINALLY get some much needed sleep.
I love my baby girl, but I SO need a small break right now lol even if it's just one night or sleeping in an hour.

We went and saw her grandma today (my mom). I'm tellin ya... they both just LOVE eachother. My mom goes CRAZY when Zoe smiles at her and Zoe just smiles and smiles and smiles some more at my mom. It's so frickin cute and just warms my heart thinking about it.
Zoe did show her ugly fussy cranky side today though at grandmas :P My mom finally got to witness Zoe's baby ' I'm sleepy but don't want to sleep damnit!' tantrums lol.

I just don't understand why Zoe fights sleep so much. Poor girl doesn't know what she wants.

Stopped using her boppy pillow in her crib tonight. She does sleep w/ her head from side to side sometimes, but her fave is straight ahead and I think her head rubbing on the pillow was causing her hair to come out. There was a little circle of hair on her sheet and you can def see that she has lost some hair on the back of her head lol. Oh well, it will grow back..... sooner or later.

Oh, and I think she did a half roll today! I only caught the tail end of it, but I swear I saw her rolling back on to her back from her side when she was in her crib.
I'm sure she'll be rolling over in front of us soon enough..... and from there... walking around and getting in to everything :P lol
With the way she enjoys standing on her legs.... she's ToTALLY going to be an early walker.
We're gonna have to baby proof the shit out of this house :P
She already wants to put everything in to her mouth... add in her being more mobile and it's gonna be a slobbery disaster waiting to happen.

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