Wednesday, October 31, 2012

12 weeks

So is Zoe technically 3 months today or is that next week? I have no frickin idea anymore lol.
But 12 weeks! Gosh....

Anywho.... pics pics pics!!!

First up her nice simple Halloween costume heh.... The mustache is just liquid eyeliner :P She started moving and it smudged but oh well... still adorable! hehe

Starting to get unhappy... even devils may cry.

Wearing her Xmas pjs and looking ADORABLE. Looks like she's trying to bust out some dance moves :P

Snuggled in mommy's lap

Loving her gloworm thing

Her enjoying Gangham style... me wishing it was the end :P
It's such a cute view though, especially when she starts pushing off and all I see is booty

And making a funny face in her bumbo :D No idea what she was doing and didn't realize I had gotten this shot until I just checked the card heh

FYI... if you buy a bumbo, don't even bother with the straps. There is absolutely no point to them. The baby is wedged in there really good and it's baffling to me that one would fall out of it unless the parent was a moron (which probably was the case and the reason for them being recalled to include the straps).

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Anonymous said...

Awwww!! I love her outfits! She's getting big!